William Xiao

Name: William Xiao

Date of Birth: March 27, 1994

Club: Yang’s Table Tennis Club, AGTTA

Residence: Georgia, USA

Marital Status: Single

Playstyle: Offensive

– Blade: JOOLA Wing Passion Extreme Flared Handle
– Forehand Rubber: Express Two, 1.8
– Backhand Rubber: Express Two, Max


Highest Rating: 2035

Current Rating: 2035

Short Term Goals: 2100 in June

Long Term Goals: 2250 in 1.5 years


-Junior Olympics and Junior Nationals: Under 12: Bronze Medal
Earned on 7/31/2005 in New Orleans, LA

-Georgia Cup Table Tennis Championships: Under 10: Silver Medal
Earned in 2003 in Atlanta, GA

-Under 12: Gold Medal
Earned in 2005 in Atlanta, GA

-Juniors U18: Gold Medal
Earned on 7/18/2009 in Atlanta, GA

-North American Table Tennis Life Open: Under 16: Silver Medal
Earned on 6/24/2007 in Atlanta, GA

-North American Table Tennis Eastern Open: Juniors U18: Semifinalist
Earned on 5/31/2009 in Piscataway, NJ


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