Limba: The classic European topspin wood. Limba wood adds the soft feel and great control needed by todays modern topspin players.

Koto: Koto wood outer layers produce a faster and stiffer blade. Great wood for players who rely on both looping and countering techniques.

Ayous: A lightweight, stiff wood that is excellent for close-to-the-table counterdrive play.

Walnut: outer ply material, hard and expensive. Pairs up well with a soft core.

Hinoki/Cypress: The classic Asian attacking wood. Favored by attackers for several decades because of its unique combination of speed and softness.

Carbon: Carbon reinforced blades produce great speed along with expanded sweet spots. While fast, the bigger sweet spot provides for a shocking level of control.

Balsa: Balsa wood is soft, porous and extremely light. Readily available but not usually in widths required for blades, so gluing will most likely be required. Useful only as core and in rare cases second plys due to its fragility. Deteriorates very quickly unless sealed.

More Woods Coming Soon…

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