2008 Joola Tour Finals Champion: Thomas Keinath


Thomas Keinath, Open Champion!!


Thomas Keinath takes the 2008 Joola North American Tour Finals!!

Read more for results starting at the quarterfinals

Quartefinal Results:

Thomas Keinath def. Barney J. Reed 4-0

Shao Yu def. Qassim Aziz 4-0

Ernesto Ebuen def. Yang Liu 4-0

Lu Ying def. Gao Yan Jun 4-2

Semifinal Results:

Thomas Keinath def. Shao Yu 4-0

Lu Ying def. Ernesto Ebuen 4-2

Final Result:

Thomas Keinath def. Lu Ying 4-0

Congratulations to all and well done to Thomas Keinath!

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