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Forehand & Backhand Loop Opening vs. Backspin with Coach Matt Hetherington

Forehand & Backhand Loop Opening vs. Backspin with Coach Matt Hetherington Two-Part Tutorial for Intermediate Players May 21st, 2020 Part 1: Forehand Loop vs. Backspin Goal Accelerate from under the ball to generate as much topspin as possible Coil Start low in neutral stance Move the leg on your playing-hand-side a step backwards and shift… Read more »

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Forehand & Backhand Loop Opening vs. Backspin with Coach Matt Hetherington

Forehand & Backhand Loop Opening vs. Backspin with Coach Matt Hetherington Two-Part Tutorial for Intermediate Players May 21st, 2020 Part 1: Forehand Loop vs. Backspin Goal Accelerate from under the ball to generate as much topspin as possible Coil Start low in neutral stance Move the leg on your playing-hand-side a step backwards and shift… Read more »

Table Tennis 101 with Coach Matt Hetherington

Table Tennis 101 with Coach Matt Hetherington Basic introduction to foundational skills for table tennis beginners May 12th, 2020 Video Focus Areas Racket Grip (00:48 – 02:15) Shakehand: Named as such because in this grip, your hand looks like it’s ready to shake another person’s hand. The head of the racket tilts upwards. This style… Read more »

5 Fun Table Tennis Games with JOOLA

5 FUN TABLE TENNIS GAMES With JOOLA You recently purchased a JOOLA table tennis table to keep yourself and/or your family/roommates entertained at home during the stay-at-home orders that have been put into place across much of the country. Now what? Well, if you haven’t already done so, make sure you’re well-versed in the basic… Read more »

Sport Squad, Inc. announces JOOLA Medical initiative to fight COVID-19

Rockville, MD – Sport Squad, Inc. has unveiled JOOLA Medical, a new initiative from the company dedicated to providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to Americans during a time when PPE has become virtually impossible to find. It’s one of a growing number of companies that has pivoted their business model to help fight the COVID-19… Read more »

JOOLA Dynaryz ACC & AGR Review


The Time is Now – Welcome to the new JOOLA

We are thrilled to share with you our new vision for JOOLA! With renewed energy, the JOOLA logo was redesigned to reflect JOOLA’s commitment to excellence. The new stylized J symbolizes a new era and the 3 pillars of the brand as JOOLA strives to take table tennis into the future.


Yue Wu Gets Real About the Table Tennis Athlete Life

In 2019, I signed with a new club, Tarnobrzeg, in Poland. The club was crowned 2018 – 2019 Women’s Champions League winners and has some of the world’s best players such as Ying Han (No.2 in 2016 Olympics Teams), Samara (No.1 in 2015 European Championship Singles), Qian Li (No.1 in 2018 European Championship Singles), and Ruochen Gu (former Chinese national team player). I felt pressured, but also motivated when training and competing with them.


How to Play Table Tennis (Basic Rules of PingPong)

Learn the basics of Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

Live Streaming: 2019 JOOLA North American Teams Championships

Live Streaming: 2019 JOOLA North American Teams Championships

Watch the 2019 JOOLA North American Teams Championships on YouTube or Twitch!

Jeffrey Zeng

Chengdu Schools Table Tennis Program designed to protect the vision of its national sport

Already a looming giant in the world of table tennis, China furthers their grasp on their national sport with the approaching debut of a large-scale program designed to partner local schools with the Sichuan Table Tennis Association. Expected to officially launch in November 2019, the program will first plant its roots in Chengdu, China, home of the famous panda bears and mouthwatering spicy foods.

Lily Zhang

JOOLA’s Lily Zhang makes her mark in American table tennis history

Just days before the tournament was scheduled to begin, Team JOOLA’s Lily Zhang found herself delayed by bureaucracy and almost unable to make the trip to China to attend the Uncle Pop 2019 ITTF Women’s World Cup. Never one to give up, the 23-year-old Californian found a workaround, made her way to Chengdu, and made her way into table tennis history as the first American player to ever make it into the Semifinals of the Women’s World Cup.

US Team member Lily Zhang reflects on her Pan American Championship success

Mindfulness, Positivity, Gratefulness and Every Other Cliché Thing to Practice by Lily Zhang

4 golds under my belt… Women’s Teams, Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. On paper, this was the perfect ending to cap off my tournament at the 2019 Pan American Championships. But, how did I actually get this point?

Tahl Lebovitz is headed to Tokyo 2020

How To Win Gold and Have Fun Doing It by Tahl Leibovitz

Photo courtesty of Tahl Lebovitz In Lima, Peru I was very fortunate to have successfully defended my Class 9 Para Pan Am Singles Gold over Miguel Vazquez of Mexico. Going into this event it was very clear that Vazquez was going to be my biggest challenge as we faced off four years ago for the… Read more »

North American Table Tennis extends their contract with Gaylord National Resort until 2025

North American Teams to be hosted at Gaylord National Resort through 2025

The 22nd annual JOOLA North American Teams Tournament, a USATT sanctioned 4-star event, will be held at the Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor, MD for the 6th year in a row after North American Table Tennis, extends partnership contract with Gaylord through 2025. The three-day competition, taking place over Thanksgiving weekend, boasts players from all… Read more »

Tom Nguyen, new SVP of Marketing

Thomas Nguyen Returns to Head JOOLA Global Marketing

ROCKVILLE, MD – Following the acquisition of JOOLA Tischtennis, GmbH. by Sport Squad, Inc., the company has relocated the JOOLA headquarters to Rockville, MD where it’s continuing to grow its team. Richard Lee, President, has brought on Thomas Nguyen to serve as the new Senior Vice President of Marketing for JOOLA Global. Nguyen brings over… Read more »

Rade Markovic appointed as Co-Managing Director of JOOLA

SIEBELDINGEN, GERMANY – Following the acquisition of JOOLA Tischtennis, GmbH. by Sport Squad, Inc., Richard Lee, President of the company, has appointed Rade Markovic as new Co-Managing Director of JOOLA Tischtennis alongside the previous owner, Michael Bachtler. Rade Markovic will be joining JOOLA as VP of Sales and Marketing. Previously, a 15-year member of the… Read more »

JOOLA Infinity Smart Table Tennis Training Robot

JOOLA launches the Infinity, its first smart table tennis training robot

Rockville, MD – JOOLA has announced its plans to launch the JOOLA Infinity Table Tennis Training Smart Robot powered by iPong. This app-controlled smart training robot is perfect for everyone from the tech enthusiast looking for a new hobby to the competitive pro-player. With its sleek black & white design, clean modern look, and advanced… Read more »

JOOLA’s Lily Zhang on Her 5th US National Title

11 Points Away “Well, this is it. I’ve let the perfect chance of winning this year’s Nationals slip right through my fingers. I seriously can’t believe how badly I messed up.” These negative thoughts maliciously crept their way through my mind as I slowly walked back to the coach’s post with my head hung down. Let me paint… Read more »

Sid Naresh and his blade of choice, the JOOLA Energon Super PBO-c

JOOLA Energon Super PBO-C Blade Review by Sid Naresh

Initial Thoughts: When I first heard that the Energon blade was being released, I immediately started looking into information about it. After discussing with some of my friends in the table tennis community, who also use the Energon blade, I decided that this was the perfect blade for me. Now that I have switched, I… Read more »

A Brand-New Experience Across the Pacific  

One of the most beautiful things about playing a professional sport is getting to travel and experience various cultures and lifestyles all around the world. This month, I was fortunate enough to make my way across the Pacific Ocean for a change, all the way to the exquisite country of Japan. I spent a bit… Read more »

Matt Hetherington practicing with the JOOLA Aruna Off Blade

JOOLA Aruna OFF Blade Review by Matt Hetherington

Initial Thoughts: I first tried the JOOLA Aruna OFF blade whilst doing a review of the Rhyzm-P rubber for JOOLA in 2017. I instantly fell in love with the setup and began using the Aruna OFF as my blade, and despite trying other blades since that time, the Aruna OFF has been my blade of… Read more »

JOOLA tables and barriers set up in Table Tennis America

JOOLA Renews Its Strong Partnership with Table Tennis America

FREMONT, CA – Table Tennis America (TTA) has announced a renewal of their sponsorship contract with JOOLA, confirming that JOOLA will be the official equipment sponsor of the club for at least the next 3 years. A full-time state-of-the-art table tennis facility, TTA is open 7 days a week and offers Open Play, Group Lessons,… Read more »

Adar Alguetti with his NYU Table Tennis Club Teammates

Sticking to What You Love, Even if it Means Late Nights & Long Commutes

ARTICLE BY: Adar Alguetti I started college at NYU’s Stern School of Business in September of 2017. Thinking back, I actually missed the first day of welcome week because I chose to compete at the monthly table tennis tournament back at my club in Westchester, NY. I came to college knowing that I wanted to… Read more »


Lily Zhang’s JOOLA Equipment Journey

Finally, after months of trying various types of blades and rubbers, I have now found the JOOLA equipment perfectly suited for me – the JOOLA Nobilis PBO-C blade paired with Rhyzer Pro 50 rubbers on both forehand and backhand. With the perfect weight, handle shape, speed, power, control, and spin, I am confident that my game can only go up from here.

JOOLA Signs Lily Yip TTC

Lily Yip Table Tennis Center Joins Team JOOLA

DUNELLEN, NJ – Lily Yip Table Tennis Center (LYTTC) has recently joined the long line of clubs that have signed agreements for JOOLA to become their official equipment sponsor. Established in 2012, the LYTTC has grown to be an esteemed and prominent table tennis facility in the United States, now with over 200 members. LYTTC… Read more »

Matchpoint Table Tennis Center, owned by JOOLA- sponsored coach, Li Bochao, has successful grand opening

JOOLA Coach Li Bochao’s Matchpoint Table Tennis Center Grand Opening a Success

WHIPPANY, NJ – Matchpoint Table Tennis Center (MTTC), a new professional table tennis academy in New Jersey, held its grand opening on March 16th, 2019 and was met with much enthusiasm by the local community. Matchpoint’s mission is to provide rigorous professional table tennis training to players of all ages and levels, but especially to develop… Read more »

Staff and Juniors of Experior Table Tennis Club

JOOLA Continues Its Momentum As It Signs Sponsorship Deal with Experior Table Tennis Club

ADDISON, IL – JOOLA continues its momentum as it signs sponsorship deal with Experior Table Tennis Club (ETTC) to become the official equipment sponsor of the club. Experior Table Tennis Club is a full-time table tennis club located just west of Chicago, in Addison, Illinois. “We are extremely excited to have JOOLA partner with Experior,”… Read more »

Staff from JOOLA meet with Michael Levene, President of Triangle Table Tennis

Triangle Table Tennis Now Powered by JOOLA

MORRISVILLE, NC – JOOLA and Triangle Table Tennis (TTT) have signed an agreement for JOOLA to become the official equipment sponsor of the club. The table tennis club is the largest in the US with a 30,000 square foot facility that holds up to 40 regulation-size tables. Up until just a few years ago, there… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsors ICC Table Tennis Club

JOOLA Sponsorship Comes Full Circle with ICC Table Tennis

MILPITAS, CA – JOOLA and India Community Center (ICC) Table Tennis have signed an agreement for JOOLA to become the official equipment sponsor of the club. A 20,000 square foot state-of-the art facility, ICC Table Tennis is one of the largest full-time running clubs in North America, with 30 table tennis tables and 12 full-time… Read more »

An Unforgettable Experience at the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships

After many months of buzzing anticipation and excitement, the biggest table tennis event of the year has finally come to an end. I began this year with the 2019 World Championships in mind as the ultimate testament to my progress as a professional table tennis player in Europe. The competition kicked off with the mixed… Read more »

Major Upsets at the 2019 Seamaster ITTF Portugal Open

The first Seamaster ITTF Challenge Plus Series of the year commenced in Lisbon, Portugal from Feb 13th to 17th. Despite its Challenge Plus status in the ITTF World Tour series, a plethora of high level players traveled from all around the world to compete, with a staggering total of over 300 entries. The most notable… Read more »

2019 Pan American Cup in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Success Cannot Be Achieved Without Failure – Lily Zhang's Pan American Cup Reflections

My second official competition of the year commenced with the Universal 2019 Pan American Cup held in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Even with the slight hiccup of dealing with a stomach virus for a week prior, I had almost a month’s worth of professional training in Europe under my belt and felt much more in shape… Read more »

A Dramatic Conclusion to the 2019 Pan American Cup

The Universal 2019 Pan American Cup held in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico recently came to a conclusion on the evening of Sunday 3rd February. Over all three days of the competition, the Coliseo Mario “Quijote” Morale stadium was filled to the brim with passionate fans – the excitement in the air was palpable. In the Women’s… Read more »

HW Global Foundation at MDTTC wearing their JOOLA competition gear

JOOLA to Sponsor Maryland Table Tennis Club

ROCKVILLE, MD – JOOLA and Maryland Table Tennis Center (MDTTC) have signed an agreement for JOOLA to become the official equipment sponsor of the club. MDTTC opened in 1992 as one of the first premier full-time table tennis clubs in the United States. JOOLA and MDTTC have a long history spanning back to when the… Read more »

Lily Zhang Kicks Off Professional Table Tennis Career at the Hungarian Open

The Hungarian Open launched as the season opener for the 2019 ITTF World Tour, as well as kicked off the very first competition in my personal professional table tennis career. Professional table tennis: wow, I never thought those three words would come to describe my life. It all still feels very surreal to me –… Read more »

Lily Zhang On Embracing Change

Change can be scary. Daunting. Intimidating. I have often struggled with the fear of changing and dealing with the consequences of choosing the “wrong” path. After the 2016 Rio Olympics, I was very determined and set on doing the traditional thing – finishing my degree, getting a stable job in San Francisco, basically, taking the… Read more »

2019 Hungarian Open Successfully Concluded As the First ITTF World Tour of the Year

Known as one of the most culturally rich and beautiful cities in the world, Budapest, Hungary, is also host to some of the most prestigious table tennis events of 2019. The World Table Tennis Championships is set to take place from April 21-28, but most recently, the Hungarian Open (Jan 15-20) successfully concluded as the… Read more »

Yue Wu at the Olympic training facility in Colorado

Yue Wu: My Table Tennis Journey

Hi everyone, this is Yue Wu. I was the champion of the 2015 Pan American Championships for both teams and single events. In 2016, I took part in the Rio Olympic Games as a member of Team USA. During that same year, I also became the champion of the North American Cup. Now, I am… Read more »

Aurora Cup 2019

Highly Anticipated 6th Annual Aurora Cup Expected to be Bigger and Better

The 6th annual Aurora Cup is coming up on January 18, 19 & 20th, 2019 at the Vaughan Athletic Center in Aurora, IL. The facility is 33,000 ft and features a non-slip grippy blue floor throughout. This year is expected to be bigger and better than ever with many tournament upgrades. The tournament will feature… Read more »

Tahl Group Picture

JOOLA Teams Tournament Experience by Tahl Leibovitz

I was so delayed on time; had just finished gluing up a Joola Nature Blade with Rhyzm P on both sides of the racket. It was 10:30AM on a Thursday morning. My team mate Anthony Valario was waiting outside my house. Anthony is an uber driver during the day and he plays table tennis at… Read more »

US-Based Sport Squad, Inc. Acquires Global Table Tennis Leader JOOLA Tischtennis GmbH

Rockville, MD — Sport Squad, Inc. announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire JOOLA Tischtennis GmbH, a leading brand in the table tennis industry. For the past 12 years, Sport Squad, Inc. was the US-based distributor and licensee of JOOLA Tischtennis GmbH for the North American and Brazilian market. The acquisition of… Read more »

North American Teams Championship 2018

NATT 2018

The 2018 JOOLA North American Teams Tournament is right around the corner and with over 175 teams that have already signed up, this will make the 21st year anniversary, a spectacle to watch. Since the first tournament in 1998, the JOOLA North American Teams have been the go-to teams’ tournament in North America. This tournament… Read more »

2018 Edgeball Open

2018 Edgeball Open

The Edgeball Open has been a fast growing table tennis tournament in the Chicago area. Its inaugural tournament in 2015 was well-attended by a variety of high caliber players such as Panagiotis Gionis, who was ranked 24th in the world, and Batstian Steger, who was ranked 26th in the world. Along with these heavy weights… Read more »

2018 JOOLA LA Open Proves Defense is Alive and Well

“2018 JOOLA LA Open Proves Defense is Alive and Well” By Matt Hetherington

When the plastic ball came out in 2014, many wondered what effects it would have on table tennis, particularly how defensive players would be impacted. Many individuals drew the conclusion that defenders would be better off, as the ball had less rotation, so defending against spin variations would be easier. Indeed, consistency improved for defensive… Read more »

Meet Gui Lin

Meet our newest sponsored player, Gui Lin! She started playing table tennis at age 8 because she was always sick as a child. Her parents wanted her to participate in a sport, so that she could grow stronger. Since picking up her first table tennis racket, she has never looked back. Some of her most… Read more »


2018 Badger Open Powered By JOOLA

Tune into the live-stream here starting Saturday, 9/15 at 9AM CDT. Last year, the highest ranked player of the tournament was Zhen (Eugene) Wang, Top 100 Men’s player in ITTF ranking at the time, who took home the grand prize as expected. This year we have even more resilient competition with JOOLA’s very own Thiago… Read more »

2018 LA Open Powered by JOOLA

2018 LA Open Powered by JOOLA

JOOLA North America is set to be the title sponsor of the 2018 LA Open. As one of the most important events in the American table tennis scene, it is considered to be the most prestigious table tennis tournament in the state of California. Since the inauguration of the LA Open in 2011, this 4… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsors Panther City Pong Tournament In Forth Worth, Texas

JOOLA Sponsors Panther City Pong Tournament In Forth Worth, Texas

Panther City Pong is a ping pong community in Fort Worth, TX. Their goal is to bring people all across Fort Worth together and create a community through table tennis! Caleb Hixon, founder of Panther City Pong said, “A few years ago my boss bought our office a ping pong table. His hope was to… Read more »

JOOLA to Release Patent-Pending Table Tennis Rubber Cleaning Wipes

JOOLA to Release Patent-Pending Table Tennis Rubber Cleaning Wipes

JOOLA, a leader in the table tennis industry since 1952, is ready to change the table tennis cleaner category with the announcement of the release of their patent-pending Table Tennis Rubber Cleaning Wipes at the upcoming World Veteran Table Tennis Championship in Las Vegas on June 18th, 2018. JOOLA North America President, Richard Lee, said… Read more »

The 2018 World Veteran’s Championship

JOOLA will be sponsoring the 19th World Veteran Championships hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 18th to June 24th, 2018. Over 4,000 players, age 40 and over and representing 97 countries, will be participating in doubles and singles tournament matches. In addition to the matches, the opening ceremony will include live music and entertainment.… Read more »


JOOLA Cares and ITTF Foundation Partner To Collect Equipment At WVC For A Good Cause

JOOLA Cares, a new initiative by JOOLA aimed at bringing social responsibility and the love of table tennis together, has partnered with the ITTF Foundation. In its inaugural project, JOOLA Cares will be collecting blades, rubbers and balls of any brand at the 2018 World Veterans Championships to be donated towards 2 good causes. Donations… Read more »


JOOLA USA Signs Brazilian National Team Player Gui Lin

JOOLA announced its sponsorship of top-ranked Brazilian player, Gui Lin. Gui has represented the Brazilian National Team in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics and in 2018, she briefly ranked in the Top 100 (ITTF) players, coming in at 89. Her recent achievements include: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 Latin American Championship – 1st Place in Teams… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsors Shakehand Pong Tournament Benefitting Maggie’s Warriors

Every 65 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. It is the 6th leading cause of death in the US. Alzheimer’s kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. In 2018, Alzheimer’s and other dementias will cost the nation $277 billion. Maggie’s Warriors (on Facebook and Instagram) is a team dedicated to raising… Read more »


JOOLA Paddle Wipes Review By Carl Danner, JOOLA USA Coach

Genuinely new products don’t come along that often, so I was intrigued when I saw the new Joola Paddle Wipes in their brightly-colored packets. I’m someone who really values the stickiness of my paddle’s rubber, so keeping it clean is a priority. There are bottles and sprays that can help with that, but I never… Read more »


Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Try a Little Defense

Defense isn’t just chopping or lobbying — it applies any time that you are just keeping the ball in play without attacking yourself. In that way defense is almost a state of mind, as much as particular strokes.  Defense can win or save points not just through errors by your opponents, but also through taking… Read more »

President's Day Family Ping Pong Battle

Put down those phones and tablets and pick up some paddles! Table tennis is the perfect President’s Day Weekend family-fun activity! President’s Day Weekend gives many family and friends that much needed extra together time. If cold, wet weather is getting in the way of fun activities, remember that you don’t have to leave the… Read more »


Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Become a Champion with the Chop Block

Adriana Diaz won some key points in her successful U.S. Open Women’s Singles final by using chop blocks to great advantage.  You can do so, too. Against a loop or counter drive to your backhand, try stroking down and to the side as you block it.  The result should be a low, dead ball that… Read more »

2017 Aurora Cup – Growing and getting better every year

Having attracted over 300 players in the past two years, the organizers of the 2017 Aurora Cup understand that we have to keep improving the tournament experience to maintain our reputation for well-run tournaments. One of the improvements for 2017 is an increase in total prize money from $8,600 to $10,000, with $2000/$1000 being offered… Read more »

Introducing the NEW JOOLA Dash Button!

Introducing the NEW JOOLA Dash Button!

JOOLA is the only table tennis brand that gets you new balls at the press of a button. JOOLA USA announced today its release of the Amazon Dash Button for JOOLA. The Dash Button, which is exclusively available for Amazon Prime members, is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders JOOLA balls with the press of… Read more »

An Introduction to JOOLA Coach Pieke Franssen (Part One)

An Introduction to JOOLA Coach Pieke Franssen (Part One)

Pieke Franssen never imagined a table tennis coaching career sparked by one of his seven-year-old neighbors, yet that is exactly what happened. Franssen grew up on a small street in Holland that held only nine houses, and in one of those houses lived a young Daan Sliepen, the soon-to-be Dutch Table Tennis Champion. Franssen and… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Returning Light Underspin Serves

One of the most challenging serves to return well is also the simplest — a light underspin fairly short on the table. This serve is difficult to flip hard if you can’t be sure of the spin. For this reason it is often used in world class play, not as a point winner but to… Read more »

Much Needed Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend is a great holiday to fit in some extra family time. The kids have off school, the weather is finally nice and businesses are closed. It’s time to put away the screens we’re constantly attached to and spend some quality time together! Sometimes it can be hard to plan a three-day weekend,… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: How To Learn From a Defender

World class defenders have always had good attacks.  A little joke we used to make was that lesser opponents had to play well to force them to chop at all.  But today’s modern defenders have taken their aggressive play to a new level.  Attacking players can learn a great deal from watching top defensive stars.… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Improvement Keys for Attackers

Players with attacking styles often reach a plateau at about an 1800-2000 rating, a fairly advanced level where they may have most of the strokes but little success against stronger players. From this point on, further advancement tends to depend on three areas in which higher-rated players tend to shine: 1. Better touch shots Higher-rated… Read more »

5 Ways Sweetlife and JOOLA are the Perfect Match

JOOLA and Sweetgreen both value healthy living and bringing people together, whether it’s through a game of table tennis or a music festival. This year’s Sweetlife Festival is May 14th, get your tickets here! 1. Green’s our favorite color 2. We try to stay active and healthy 3. Creativity is key 4. Sometimes fun-sized is… Read more »

JOOLA and HW Global Encourage Young Players

JOOLA is excited to be a part of motivating young table tennis enthusiasts with HW Global Foundation’s Talent Development Program. The Talent Development Program started in September 2015 with ten juniors under the direction of four professional level coaches at the Maryland Table Tennis Center. In order to apply, each junior had to be between… Read more »

100 Days Out in NYC

We’re on the Road to Rio! Next Wednesday, April 27, marks 100 days until the 2016 Summer Olympics. The 100 Days Out celebration will take place in Times Square in New York City from 2-8 p.m. JOOLA, the official sponsor of USA Table Tennis, will be providing two 3000 SC tables for multiple table tennis… Read more »

DC Capital Area Table Tennis League Returns This Weekend

JOOLA sponsored, Capital Area Table Tennis League’s spring season begins this weekend on Sunday, April 17th. The first round of the season’s matches will run from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Washington DC Table Tennis Center. The league attracts table tennis players of all levels from the Washington, DC area. The spring season will… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Serving Direction

Serving deep becomes progressively more risky as you advance in level. Top players can loop any deep serve regardless of spin, because their strong strokes overcome it and substitute their own topspin. Yet quick deep serves have a definite place in one’s arsenal, if only to encourage a weak attack from your opponent that can… Read more »

JOOLA Players Are Off to the 2016 ITTF Latin American Olympic Qualification Tournament!

JOOLA sponsored players, Hector Berrios, Melanie Diaz-Gonzalez and Daniely Rios of the Puerto Rican table tennis team are headed to Santiago, Chile for the 2016 ITTF Latin American Olympic Qualification Tournament this weekend, April 1-3. This will be a single elimination tournament with a maximum of two athletes per gender qualifying from each country. There… Read more »

The 2016 NCTTA Championship Results

The 2016 NCTTA Championships took place in Round Rock, Texas this past weekend and JOOLA was there for all of the action! Texas Wesleyan had a great weekend, winning both the Men’s and Women’s Team Championships. The Men’s Team defeated last year’s defending champions, Mississippi College, and the Women’s Team defeated the successful Wisconsin Badgers.… Read more »

Paddlestar Galactica IV in DC!

JOOLA is teaming up with 826DC for the fourth annual Paddlestar Galactica on April 3. The tournament will take place at U Street Music Hall from 12-4 p.m. If you’re a table tennis enthusiast and haven’t been, you’re missing out! Not a player? Come have some drinks and support the cause by sponsoring a friend.… Read more »

The 2016 TMS Collegiate Table Tennis National Championships Are Coming Up!

Over 240 players represented by over 30 countries. This weekend. Yes, you read that right. Join us in Round Rock, Texas for the three-day competition, hosted by National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA). The competition will be held at the Round Rock Sports Center this weekend, March 25 to 27. Over 40 colleges and universities… Read more »

2016 US Olympic Trials Results

After a successful US Olympic Trials in Greensboro, North Carolina last week, six more elite US table tennis athletes will be joining 2015 US Nationals winners, Yijun Feng and Jiaqi Zheng, as they move on to the 2016 North American Olympic Trials in Markham, Canada in April. At the 2016 North American Olympic Trials, they will be competing with Canada’s best for three men’s spots and the… Read more »

JOOLA is Official Equipment Sponsor of US Olympic Trials

The US Olympic Trials for the 2016 Table Tennis Team begins Thursday, February 4th and continues until Saturday, February 6th at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina. Men and Women will be competing for the top spots in order to qualify to compete at the North American Olympic Trials where the United States and Canada compete head to… Read more »

JOOLA Collaborates with FVTTC to host the 2016 Aurora Cup

For the first time together, JOOLA and the Fox Valley Table Tennis Club (FVTTC) will be holding the 2016 Aurora Cup from January 15th to January 17th at the Vaughan Athletic Center in Aurora, Illinois. The Aurora Cup is a 4-Star, USATT sanctioned tournament with 24 events and a total of $8,500 in cash prizes. JOOLA is this year’s official equipment sponsor and… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsors BBBS of NYC Tournament of Champions Pong

On Thursday, January 14th, 2016, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) will be hosting the eighth annual Tournament of Champions (ToC) Pong, a charity tournament held in conjunction with the Tournament of Champions, the international squash tournament that takes place in glass-enclosed courts in Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal. BBBS of NYC is a community outreach… Read more »

2015 US National Championships and the 2016 US National Team Trials

From December 14th to December 19th, North American Table Tennis will be supporting USATT in hosting the the 2015 US National Championships. Participants have over 90 options of events to enter and win! The tournament will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center which will be open starting Sunday at 3PM for practice. Among… Read more »

JOOLA Supports Education at TopSpin New York

This Wednesday, December 9th, the TopSpin Charity will be hosting its annual charity tournament, TopSpin New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Professionals, celebrities, and generous donors will be participating in a table tennis tournament sponsored and run by JOOLA. Food from some of NYC’s finest restaurants and music from the country’s… Read more »

AITTA 1 Wins the 2015 JOOLA North American Teams Championships

It’s been a busy and bustling Thanksgiving weekend here at the Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor, Maryland. Competitors of all levels and from all over the world came to play at the 2015 North American Teams Championships. Volunteer umpires from Japan, Canada, Guyana and the Unites States have helped to host another successful teams… Read more »

Join Us at the JOOLA North American Teams Championships 2015

JOOLA and North American Table Tennis (NATT) are excited to continue its Thanksgiving tradition of hosting the North American Teams Table Tennis Championships. For the third year running, the tournament will be held at the Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor, Maryland. Located just across the river from the nation’s capital, National Harbor features numerous… Read more »

JOOLA Joins the Cast of Empire

If you caught last night’s episode of Empire, FOX Network’s popular hip-hop drama starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, you might have caught a glimpse of our very own JOOLA 3000SC Table Tennis Table! Our table sat in Lyon Dynasty’s studio, next to the dancefloor, where Mirage a Trois and Hakeem Lyon rehearsed for their Big Apple Jam performance. You’ll definitely… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Returning Flat/Hard Shots

An opponent’s flat, hard block or hit can be a nuisance to return.  You may stick the ball in the net, or in some random direction. To return these balls well, recognize that you are going to have to generate some spin to control the shot.  So even though things happen quickly, try hard to… Read more »


Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Learning From Mismatches

You may find yourself matched up with a much weaker opponent in club play, or a tournament early round.  While such players’ games may not challenge you very much, you can gain something by focusing on serve and return.  Your serves, in particular, can be just as carefully placed, spun and disguised as against anyone… Read more »


Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Running Out of Gas

Towards the end of a match (or tournament), you may tire without recognizing it at first.  You might miss some shots because your footwork lagged, or from being late with your strokes.  Sometimes fatigue can explain an otherwise mysterious loss.  Being winded can also impair clear thinking during points. To deal with this, first learn… Read more »

JOOLA Goes To School!

As table tennis is gaining popularity in schools across the country, JOOLA wants to join in on the fun! This year, we sold tables to several middle schools and high schools nationwide. We even donated paddles and balls if we thought there was an additional need. Schools like Chaboya Middle School in San Jose, California and Coppell High School in Coppell, Texas gave us a shoutout as well as… Read more »

North American Teams 2015

Registration for JOOLA North American Teams 2015 opened just a few short weeks ago and with the first JOOLA Teams South and JOOLA Teams West being such a success this summer, JOOLA is excited to continue its Thanksgiving tradition of hosting North American Teams. For the third year running, the tournament will be held at… Read more »

JOOLA Profile Spotlight: Jennifer (Yue) Wu

Jennifer Wu came to the United States with hopes of playing world class table tennis and experiencing the world. In 2008, she was only 19 years old, and came to America to live on her own. Her parents were naturally uneasy about letting their only child live a separate life halfway around the world. She’s… Read more »

JOOLA Teams Tournaments Recap

After two busy weekends in a row, JOOLA is happy to report that JOOLA Teams South in Round Rock, Texas and JOOLA Teams West in Livermore, California were a huge success! This year was the first time around for both tournaments and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. With 36 teams at Teams South and 35 teams… Read more »

JOOLA Teams Heads West After Successful Teams South Tournament

After a very successful JOOLA Teams South last weekend in Round Rock, Texas, Team JOOLA is headed to Livermore, California for the first ever JOOLA Teams West. Congrats to Houston Table Tennis: Jimmy Butler, Feng Zhe, Li Kewei for winning an exciting championship last weekend! Now, with 35 teams competing for $6,000 in cash and… Read more »

First Annual JOOLA Teams South Kicks Off

Tomorrow marks the first day of the first annual JOOLA Teams South Table Tennis Tournament. We’re excited to announce that 36 teams have already signed up to compete in this 2-day teams format tournament. Round Rock Sports Center is proud to host in Round Rock, Texas from August 22nd to August 23rd and is excited… Read more »

JOOLA Celebrates the Summer with Fitbit and Sprinkles Magazine

This summer is a time for celebrating as the JOOLA brand reaches more people through a multitude of mediums. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Fitbit’s “Find Your Fit” commercial here as they inspire you to find your “pingfit” and “pongfit”. Fitbit Inc., is a company based out of San Francisco, California and known… Read more »

USA Table Tennis and JOOLA Hit the Tables! 2015 US Open Takes Las Vegas!

Last week, from July 6th to July 11th, USA Table Tennis hit Las Vegas hard with the 2015 US Open! Over 1,000 players from 33 countries competed in 98 different events at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Competitors ages 6 to 91, including Houston Rockets General Manager, Daryle Morey and comedian, Frank Caliendo played against… Read more »

First Annual JOOLA Teams South and JOOLA Teams West

After 17 years of successful North American Teams tournaments, North American Table Tennis (NATT) and JOOLA have decided to expand their tournament beyond the East Coast. This August, NATT and JOOLA will be hosting the JOOLA Teams South in Round Rock, Texas and JOOLA Teams West in the San Francisco Bay Area. Popularity of the… Read more »

JOOLA Appears on the Price is Right!

JOOLA will be making an appearance on the Price is Right! Look out for us today and on June 11th at 11AM on CBS to see two lucky contestants win awesome JOOLA prize packages. This isn’t our first time on daytime television, but being on the Price is Right is a great honor and the… Read more »

JOOLA at the Sweetlife Festival 2015

On Saturday and Sunday, May 30th-31st, the annual Sweetlife Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion becomes a 2-day affair with popular headliners Kendrick Lamar and Calvin Harris. In previous years, top headliners have been a diverse group of artists like Lana Del Ray, Foster the People, Pheonix, Fun, Avicii, Kid Cudi, and many more. The sweetlife… Read more »

Alguetti Brothers at the 2015 ITTF Belgium Junior and Cadet Open

The Alguetti Brothers played hard this year at the 2015 ITTF Belgium Junior and Cadet Open. Like all competitions, there are wins and losses, but athletes know the importance of reflecting on those wins and losses in order to improve both mentally and physically. Take a look into the minds of these young athletes as… Read more »

Michael Bachtler’s Visit To JOOLA USA

It was a great pleasure to have Michael Bachtler, CEO of JOOLA Germany, visit us at the JOOLA USA Headquarters earlier this month. He’s been with JOOLA since its inception in the 1960s. On April 9th, Mr. Bachtler watched a league match for the newly formed DC Capital Super League, in which a couple of… Read more »

The 2015 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships and JOOLA USA

It was an event-filled weekend in the Eugene R. McPhee Physical Education Center at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. From Friday, April 10th to Sunday, April 12th, over 250 players from more than 40 colleges and universities competed at the 2015 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships. NCTTA (National Collegiate Table Tennis Association),… Read more »

Michael Bachtler Visits JOOLA USA and the 2015 TMS College Table Tennis National Championships

Michael Bachtler, CEO of JOOLA Germany will be visiting the JOOLA USA Headquarters this week. He’s been with JOOLA since 1968 and CEO since 1979 so we are very excited to have him here! After visiting JOOLA USA Headquarters, Bachtler will be heading to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to watch the 2015… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsors Paddlestar Gallactica III at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC

For the third year running, JOOLA will be sponsoring Paddlestar Gallactica at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC. This table tennis tournament benefitting 826DC, a nonprofit organization that supports students ages 6-18 in developing their creative and expository writing skills, will have fundraising teams dressing up and competing for a first place trophy and… Read more »

JOOLA Joins In On March Madness at the Utah Business Games

On March 19th and 20th, the Utah Business Games will be hosting the 2nd annual March Madness Tournament in Draper, Utah. Teams from dozens of Utah companies will be competing against each other in popular office games and sporting events at SoccerCity’s Sports Complex. The March Madness Tournament is a creative new way to promote… Read more »

JOOLA at Fader Fort during SXSW 2015

For the fifth consecutive year, JOOLA will be making an appearance at Fader Fort presented by Converse during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival, March 18th-21st in Austin, Texas. Music fans will gets to play around on JOOLA Truimph 18 table tennis tables while listening to artists like Migos, Hudson Mohawke, Bleachers, Girlpool, Vince… Read more »

JOOLA Provides the National Team with New Team USA Gear

The 2015 Pan Am and National Team Trials will be held March 6th-8th, 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas at Texas Wesleyan University. Members of each team will be representing the United States at various tournaments throughout 2015. The Pan Am Team will consist of three men and three women who will represent the USA at… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsors First 2014 North American Tour Grand Final

This past weekend, from February 6th-8th, JOOLA sponsored the North American Tour Grand Final hosted by the Westchester Table Tennis Center in Pleasantville, New York. The event kicked off with a party for the players and a warm welcome speech from Peter Scherer, the mayor of Pleasantville. JOOLA provided two pristine JOOLA 2000-S table tennis… Read more »

JOOLA Collaborates with BBBS of NYC in the Tournament of Champions Pong

JOOLA Collaborates with BBBS of NYC in the Tournament of Champions Pong

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) is a community outreach program that connects over 3,500 children each year with a “Big” to inspire positive change in their lives. On Friday, January 23rd, 2015, BBBS of NYC will be hosting the seventh annual Tournament of Champions (ToC) Pong in glass-enclosed courts… Read more »

Quadri Aruna and JOOLA Managing Director Michael Bachtler signing the contract.

Aruna Quadri Re-Signs With JOOLA!

We’re excited to announce that Aruna Quadri has decided to re-sign a long term contract with JOOLA. The budding star was also named the ITTF’s 2014 male athlete star of the year recently. Here is JOOLA Germany’s press release: Quadri Aruna prolongs with JOOLA on a long-term basis 16.01.2015 The present shooting star Quadri Aruna,… Read more »

Finals of the 2014 JOOLA North American Teams Championships, Powered By JOOLA

Record on-site renewals for the 2015 North American Teams Championships, powered by JOOLA

The 2014 North American Teams Championships saw amazing attendance in its second year of a five year agreement at the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel and Resort. 825 players competed on over 150 tables, with a total prize purse of $20,000. The event in its 17th year, players worldwide know that the North American Teams Championships… Read more »

2014 North American Teams, Powered By JOOLA Results

Over Thanksgiving weekend 207 teams and 825 players from all around the world traveled to the Washington D.C. area to play 3 days of action packed table tennis at the 2014 North American Teams, powered by JOOLA. The beautiful Gaylord National Hotel & Resort was the venue for this year’s competition. The 207 teams were… Read more »

Team JOOLA at the 2014 North American Teams Championships.

Team JOOLA at the 2014 North American Teams Championships.

Team JOOLA, consisting of Jörg Roßkopf, Chen Weixing, and Aruna Quadri, will be competing at this year’s 2014 North American Teams Championships, powered by JOOLA! Jörg Roßkopf, a former world champion and Olympian, and current head coach of Germany’s men’s national team, will act as a player-coach. Chen Weixing, a veteran of the tournament and… Read more »

The iPong Poly Pro Seamless Plastic Table Tennis Ball

Table Tennis balls are changing. Are you ready? Plastic Polystyrene ‘Poly’ balls are the latest innovation on the table tennis scene. Table tennis balls made of celluloid are history (yes, just like celluloid movie film). The iPong Seamless Poly Pro 40+ table tennis balls are rounder, longer lasting, higher bouncing, and environmentally safe. Stay ahead… Read more »

Video Recap - 2014 Southern Open & 2014 Berkeley Open

Video Recap: The 2014 Southern Open & The 2014 Berkeley Open

Watch this video update about the JOOLA / NATT Southern & Berkeley Open tournaments. We had a lot of fun checking out the two areas and running the tournaments. We can’t wait to visit again! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the… Read more »

Zhang Xiang Jing

Final Point Of 2014 Berkeley Open

Earlier in the year, Zhang Xiang Jing and Liang Yonghui squared off in the finals of the 2014 Western Open; resulting in Zhang winning 4-2 over Liang. In the finals of the 2014 Berkeley Open, it was deja vu all over again as Zhang Xiang Jing defeated Liang Yonghui, 4-2 (-6,6,13,10,-10,10), to become the Open… Read more »

Jim Butler's Winning Point At The 2014 Southern Open

Here’s Jimmy Butler’s winning point at the 2014 Southern Open against Li Kewei! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics. Follow JOOLA USA on Facebook:… Read more »

Fun Games By JOOLA: Multi Pong

Fun Games By JOOLA: Multi Pong

Want to test and improve your reflexes and eye hand coordination? Try out Multi Pong! Multi Pong is a table tennis game that involves more than one ball. You will need a racket for 2 players, at least two balls, and a table tennis table. Before starting, players can decide on how many points wins… Read more »

Liang Yonghui (Left), Zhang Xiang Jing (Right)

Zhang Xiang Jing Wins The 2014 Berkeley Open

Earlier in the  year, Zhang Xiang Jing and Liang Yonghui squared off in the finals of the 2014 Western Open; resulting in Zhang winning 4-2 over Liang. In the finals of the 2014 Berkeley Open, it was deja vu all over again as Zhang Xiang Jing defeated Liang Yonghui, 4-2 (-6,6,13,10,-10,10), to become the Open Singles… Read more »

Green Bay Packers & Milwaukee Brewers Play Ping Pong For Charity

Where can a NFL player and MLB player compete against each other? The ping pong table! Members of the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers competed in a charity event in benefit of the Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In the end, Green Bay’s Randall Cobb defeated the Brewers’ Will Smith in the… Read more »

Fun Games By JOOLA: Jungle Pong & Floor Pong

Fun Games By JOOLA: Jungle Pong & Floor Pong

If you have 3 or more players, try out Jungle Pong & Floor Pong! You’ll need some space to play, but these games will surely give you a fun workout! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals.… Read more »

2014 Southern Open Singles Winner: Jim Butler

Jim Butler Wins The 2014 Southern Open

Congratulations to Jim Butler for his win over Li Kewei at the 2014 Southern Open! Jim bested Li Kewei in a close match that went the full 7 games. The final scores were: 8,11,-6,-9,4,-6,8. Congratulations to all the other event winners, and much thanks to all players and spectators for making the 2014 Southern Open… Read more »

King of The Hill Table Tennis

Fun Games By JOOLA: King of The Hill

If you have multiple people who want to play table tennis, consider King of The Hill. The concept of King of The Hill is quite easy, as the winner of the game remains on the table as the “king”, and a new challenger comes forth. Watch the video as we show you some different variations… Read more »

Joerg Rosskopf Interview

An Interview With Joerg Rosskopf

We got the chance to talk with a table tennis legend, Germany’s Mr. Table Tennis Jörg Roßkopf (Joerg Rosskopf), who is currently the head coach of the German National Men’s Team. Check out the interview as we learned more about his playing career, transitioning to coaching, his thoughts on the plastic ball, and about his… Read more »

JOOLA's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Rounds 2, 3, & 4!

JOOLA’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Rounds 2, 3, & 4!

Continuing with our previous ALS #icebucketchallenge video, here are rounds 2, 3, & 4 with other staff members of the JOOLA USA team participating in the challenge. Please don’t forget to learn more about the ALS association and donate to a great cause! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US… Read more »

JOOLA CHAMP Table Tennis Racket (flared)

JOOLA's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Several members of the JOOLA USA team were nominated by USA Table Tennis and friends to do the ALS #icebucketchallenge.  Here’s our video of the challenge and who we nominated! Please don’t forget to check out and learn more about the ALS association and donate to a great cause! Tom Nguyen’s Nominations Richard Lee Phil… Read more »

JOOLA ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

JOOLA’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Several members of the JOOLA USA team were nominated by USA Table Tennis and friends to do the ALS #icebucketchallenge.  Here’s our video of the challenge and who we nominated! Please don’t forget to check out and learn more about the ALS association and donate to a great cause! Tom Nguyen’s Nominations Richard Lee Phil… Read more »

Fun Games By JOOLA - Floor Table Tennis

Fun Games By JOOLA: Floor Table Tennis

If your kids aren’t quite tall enough to see over a table tennis table yet, consider floor table tennis. By lowering the height, you’ll give them the ability to still play and develop their eye hand coordination. However, floor table tennis isn’t just for kids. Try it out yourself, and see a fun new perspective… Read more »

JOOLA Interview: Doru Gheorghe

An Interview With USATT’s Doru Gheorge

Teodor “Doru” Gheorghe, the current USATT‘s interim CEO, has also been the head coach of the US women’s table tennis team since 2000. With his busy schedule, we were fortunate that he was able to squeeze in some time to talk with us.  In the interview, we learn more about how Doru got into table… Read more »

Fun Games By JOOLA: Double Bounce

Fun Games By JOOLA: Double Bounce

Double Bounce is a classic game that many have played before. If you’ve never played, try out this fun version where you actually have to hit your side first before it lands on your opponent’s side. As you get more confident in your game, try adding some spin to your shots and also different angles.… Read more »

Richard McAfee, Ohio ITTF PTT Level 1 Course

Richard McAfee Instructs Successful ITTF-PTT Level 1 Course in Akron, Ohio

JOOLA sponsored coach, Richard McAfee, recently was the expert on duty to conduct a very successful ITTF-PTT Level 1 Course in Akron, Ohio. Coaches from the US, Canada and Hong Kong took part in the course from July 28th through August 1st, 2014. To learn more about the event, check out the original ITTF article… Read more »

2014 Southern Open Coming Soon!

2014 Southern Open September 6-7, 2014 Round Rock, TX We’re just about one month away from the 2014 Southern Open, powered by JOOLA. The event will be hosted in Round Rock, Texas; one of the fastest growing cities within the greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area. The event will be held at the beautiful Round Rock… Read more »

Fun Games By JOOLA: ChanServy Pong

If you don’t work at the JOOLA USA office, we’re quite sure you haven’t tried this fun and unique game before. ChanServy Pong is named after the creators, Steven Chan and Jonathan Messervy. Taking elements of wall pong and long ball, while also creating new angles, ChanServy Pong will definitely keep you on your toes… Read more »

Chris Paul Wins 2nd Annual TopSpin LasVegas Charity Event

This past Saturday, Chris Paul of the LA Clippers, hosted the 2nd annual Las Vegas TopSpin Charity event at Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo Las Vegas. The event hosted a celebrity tournament, where present and former NBA players competed to raise money and awareness. Participants included Lavoy Allen, Alan Anderson, Rudy Gay, Isaiah Thomas, CJ… Read more »

Fun Table Tennis / Ping-Pong games: Wall Pong!

In our next video in the Fun Games By JOOLA series, we add another dimension to table tennis with Wall Pong! If you have a table in a small room, or extra table halves, or any other creative ways of making walls, this game is for you. Watch our video guide on how to play… Read more »

Fun Table Tennis / Ping-Pong Games

We all love playing standard table tennis, but have you tried these other variations? Here are a couple of videos we’ve created showing off fun alternative ping-pong games we enjoy. Stay tuned for more videos that we’ll release each week.   Around The World   4 Table Tennis Ball Control Longball – JOOLA – For… Read more »

2nd Annual Topspin Charity Event

Get your game face on as some of basketball’s best serve up the 2nd Annual TopSpin Charity Ping Pong Tournament, presented by Hyundai. Join us July 26, 2014 at Lagasse’s Stadium in the The Palazzo, in partnership with Fiji Water and Red Bull, for this one-of-a-kind event. Also, get a chance to win $1000 cash, an autographed Chris Paul jersey, and… Read more »

An Interview With Dora Kurimay

We interviewed, Dora Kurimay, who recently released her second book entitled, Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros! Watch the interview and learn more about how this book can not only help you improve your table tennis game, but also your daily life. To learn more and to buy the book, check out – JOOLA… Read more »

The JOOLA Chop Blade

April 1, 2014: After studying the chopping mastery of top culinary chefs, JOOLA is proud to introduce the JOOLA Chop blade. Inspired by the same blades used to slice and dice through food with ease, The design of the JOOLA Chop blade will let you cut through any heavy spins on the ball. “I felt… Read more »

2014 SXSW & JOOLA Table Tennis.

SXSW, a music, film, and interactive festival, starts today in Austin, Texas. The event will span from March 7th through the 16th. If you’re one of the lucky attendants, or are in the local area, we KNOW that you’ll need your daily dose of pong! Luckily, there will be some JOOLA tables throughout the festival… Read more »

826DC’s Paddlestar Galactica II Kickoff Event

Last night, 826DC held their first kickoff event for Paddlestar Galactica II at Comet Ping Pong. Never heard of Paddlestar Galactica? With a fun name inspired by the hit show Battlestar Galactica, 826DC created a table tennis tournament as a fundraiser and is in their second year of running it. 826DC is a DC based nonprofit… Read more »

Sky High January Open – Sponsored by JOOLA

By: Richard McAfee, President of Sky High Table Tennis Club On Sunday, January 26, 2014, the Sky High Table Tennis Club (Aurora, CO) held its first USATT Sanctioned Tournament in over 2 years.  Forty-eight players from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah took part.  Fourteen of these were playing in there very first USATT Sanctioned… Read more »

2013 US Nationals Photos & Results

Congratulations to Timothy Wang & Ariel Hsing on winning the 2013 US National Championships! For more results, click here Check out some photos from our Facebook galleries below! Post by JOOLA USA. Post by JOOLA USA. Post by JOOLA USA. Post by JOOLA USA. Post by JOOLA USA. Favorite

2013 North American Teams Championships Photos & Results

Congratulations to the 2013 North American Teams Champions, The Fujian Provincial Team! They defeated Tianjin University of Science & Technology, 3-2. We’d like to thank all the participants of the event, for making the 2013 North American Teams Championships a great success! Make sure to visit our facebook pages to find photos from the event.… Read more »

BoConcept, Sit Less, Play more!

Sit Less, Play More!

We’re really digging this video from BoConcept! No matter where you are, there’s got to be a way for you to somehow play table tennis. Do you agree? – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table… Read more »

Chick-Fil-A Table Tennis

Chick-fil-A is a popular American fast food restaurant that specializes in, you guessed it, chicken! Whenever a new location opens, Chick-fil-A has a special promotion where the first 100 participants who comply to their contest rules, win one meal per week for a year. Recently, two of JOOLA USA’s own, Jonathan Messervy and Rich Heo,… Read more »

Chen Weixing's secret table tennis training

Chen Weixing's Secret Table Tennis Training

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to see how table tennis players train.  Here’s a video of Chen Weixing secret training. Maybe this is how we’ll all become world class players one day. Or possibly, world class stay-at-home professionals! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National… Read more »

The Deviling Spin - Standard Hotel

The Deviling Spin

The Standard is a collection of boutique hotels in Los Angeles, New York, Hollywood, and Miami Beach that are known to have a table tennis presence. Recently, they introduced a fun new video, inspired the most famous money player and table tennis hustler in the US, Marty Reisman. Watch as a young player (Franck Raharinosy… Read more »

Wang Zhen (Eugene), 2013 Spokane Ultimate Open Champion

2013 Spokane Ultimate Open Results

Congratulations to Wang Zhen, for winning the 2013 Spokane Ultimate Open! He defeated Zhang Xiang Jing in the finals, 4-1. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners! Events Concluding in Single Elimination Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score 1 Open Wang, Zhen (Eugene) BC Zhang, Xiang Jing… Read more »

2013 Schaumburg Table Tennis Club Fall Open Results

The Schaumburg Table Tennis Club recently held their Fall Open on September 28, 2013. Congratulations to all the participants and winners! Here are the results: Class A: 1st . Wojciech Wolski,  2nd. Michael Wolski, 3rd. Leon Li. Class B: 1st. Karol Horodenski , 2nd. Zbigniew Jablonski, 3rd. Arcot Naresh. Class C: 1st. Riccardo Bellina, 2nd.… Read more »

MDTTA Tournament

This past weekend Howard County Table Tennis Center held a Maryland circuit tournament featuring JOOLA tables and balls. The tournament featured six different events and the turn-out was good. Check out the Howard County Table Tennis Center website for more pictures of the event and winners. – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official… Read more »

Troy Polamalu Plays Some Ping Pong!

Is it the hair that makes Troy Polamalu so talented? Check out this fun Head & Shoulders commercial, where Pittsburgh Steelers’ Troy Polamalu, plays table tennis with his full football gear on! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and… Read more »

Ping Pong Cat: Round 2

In a previous article, we introduced you to possibly the next world champion, Ping Pong Cat! However, it looks like there is a new worthy challenger. Who do you think would win between the two? – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the… Read more »

The Dallas Mavericks Are Table Tennis Ready

For many of us, we know that table tennis helps improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and mental processing speed. And above all else, it’s fun! Now, the Dallas Mavericks are ready to incorporate all these benefits with their brand new JOOLA table inside their training facilities. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Mavericks incorporate table… Read more »

Table Tennis Through Google Glass

Google Glass is a new piece of technology that is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display. You can use it to take photos, videos, as a GPS, and much more. The internet has been filled with creative media that have been captured via Google Glass. Here’s a clip that all table tennis… Read more »

The Ultimate Table Tennis Serve?!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here’s a fun little gif of possibly the ultimate serve… if the actual service was legal that is. Think you could pull something like this with the proper serving rules? Photo Source: – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the… Read more »

Schaumburg Summer Open Results

On Saturday July 27, 2013, Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted a USATT sanctioned tournament at the Community Recreation Center. The event attracted 72 players from Chicago-land and Mid-West area to compete in the Schaumburg Summer Open. JOOLA was a proud sponsor of the event! Here are the results: Open Singles: 1st. Fernando Yamazato, 2nd. Karin… Read more »

The Most Powerful Forehand Loop!

This might be the most powerful forehand loop we’ve seen. Whether it’s real or not, we’ll leave that to everyone’s imagination. Do you think you’re forehand loop could “bowl a strike”? – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US… Read more »

The 2013 Berkeley Open

It’s almost time for the annual end of the summer Berkeley, CA event! The Berkeley Open will be held September 7-8 this year and we are excited to be back on the west coast with the support of the UC Berkeley Golden Bears Table Tennis Club. The tournament will once again take place at the… Read more »

Topspin Las Vegas With Chris Paul

On July 27, 2013, NBA Star, Chris Paul, took his skills to the table tennis court to win the TopSpin Charity event held at The Palazzo in Las Vegas. His challengers were current and former NBA stars, Alan Anderson, Al-Farouq Aminu, Michael Conley, Jerome Williams, Royal Ivey, Andre Igoudala, Kyrie Irving, Greg Oden, Jerry Stackhouse,… Read more »

Keep Calm And Play Table Tennis

The guys over at Piing of Power, just released a fun new video. Watch as they go around playing in various locations with a JOOLA mini table! No matter where it was, they showed that you could have fun in so many places by staying calm, and playing table tennis. We thought the underwater scene… Read more »


The Newport News Table Tennis Club (NNTTC) hosted the 2013 NNTTC JOOLA Open in June and it was a big success. They experienced record attendance with a very diverse mix of talent and competitive players. In addition to a very positive event, the club has moved to a new location. With the help and support… Read more »

Looking Back – May in Review

May was a busy month for JOOLA USA! Paddlestar Gallactica – May 4, 2013 We were thrilled to be able to provide the table tennis equipment for 826DC’s charity table tennis tournament. 826DC is a nonprofit organization that provides support for students ages 6-18 to develop their creative and expository writing skills. Funds go to… Read more »

Get to Know Team JOOLA Coach Richard McAfee!

Earlier this year, Richard McAfee, who has been an active contributor to the sport of table tennis for 50 years joined Team JOOLA. Learn about Coach McAfee, a talented player, accomplished coach, and inspiring role model! Meet Coach McAfee and learn about him below:   – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s Spring Open Results!

An update from the tournament director, Spenser Lam: Community Recreation Center 505 N. Springinsguth Road Schaumburg, Illinois 60194 Schaumburg Spring Open May 4, 2013 Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted its annual Spring Open, a one-star USATT sanctioned tournament last Saturday. As usual, the format was set as a giant round robin since most of the… Read more »

JOOLA Player Highlight: Mini Super Stars

We wanted to officially introduce the Alguetti boys who joined Team JOOLA last year. They’ve been tearing up the table tennis scene! Adar Alguetti Date of Birth: December 7, 1999 Club: : New York Table Tennis Club (NYTTC) Residence: New Jersey, USA Playing style: Shake Hand Equipment: – Blade:Rossi Force – Forehand Rubber: Express X-plode –… Read more »

JOOLA Sponsored player, Tina Lin, featured in local newspaper

From DUNELLEN – Tina Lin is a polite, soft-spoken 14-year-old Edison High School student. Then she picks up a table tennis paddle. And when she’s playing table tennis, Tina Lin is nothing short of fierce. She moves with incredible quickness, snapping the ball back to her practice partner just as soon as it’s arrived,… Read more »

2013 ITTF World Tour – Team USA in the Korean Air Korea Open

Incheon City, Korea April 3rd to 7th, 2013 A quick update from U.S. Women’s National Team Coach, Doru Gheorghe: Here is a picture of National Team members Ariel Hsing and Lily Zhang after winning their Women’s doubles match. The pair made it to the Round of 16 before being defeated by Jihee Jeon and Eunhee… Read more »

How to Assemble a Table Tennis Racket

Putting a table tennis racket together isn’t difficult, but there are a few key things to remember. Make sure you’re following the right steps with this quick racket assembly video! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals.… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s St. Patrick’s Day Open Results

St. Patrick’s Day Open Schaumburg, IL March 16, 2013 This past Saturday, Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted a USATT-sanctioned tournament. It was a full day of exciting matches and everyone had a lot of fun! To accommodate eight groups of giant round robins, the four lower groups started at 9 am and the four higher… Read more »

Player Update: Hector Berrios (Puerto Rico)

Top Puerto Rican player, Hector Berrios, joined Team JOOLA in 2011 and has been a fun player to follow! Recently, he competed and won the Florida Orange Blossom Series (four USATT-sanctioned tournaments) by defeating Jonathan Ou in the final, 3-0.                 Name: Hector Berrios Birthday: June 23 Age:… Read more »

New Tilt Stand for iPong

We’ve designed a tilt stand to help our customers get more out of their iPong experience! Players can use this accessory to change the angle of the iPong and add shot variation to the iPong’s capabilities. Watch the promo video below! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National… Read more »

Fader Fort in Austin, TX This Week!

                                                  The Fader is hosting its annual four-day SXSW party in Austin, TX this week from March 13-16. The full lineup has yet to be announced, but Delorean, Future, and Disclosure… Read more »

How to Say “JOOLA”

Over the years, we’ve noticed that many of our customers and followers aren’t quite sure how to pronounce our brand name. Actually, to be honest, most of us didn’t know how to say it before we joined Team JOOLA either, so we decided to make a quick video just to clarify 🙂 How to Say… Read more »

Team JOOLA: Vancouver Table Tennis Club

Team JOOLA: Richard Ho Age: 15 Equipment: – Rubber: Rhyzm – Blade: Fever Club: Vancouver Table Tennis Club Hi everyone! My name is Richard Ho, and it is an honor to be sponsored by JOOLA. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I love playing table tennis. I was born on October 17, 1997, and… Read more »

2013 JOOLA Canada Series Final

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada March 1-3, 2013 The 2013 JOOLA Canada Series Finals were held March 1-3, 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, right outside Toronto at the My Table Tennis Club.  The Canada Series Final replaces the National Team Challenge and serves as the primary vehicle to select Canadian Teams for international competitions.  The top players… Read more »

Blog Update from Puerto Rico's Manuel Gomez

Team JOOLA Member: Manuel Gomez Age: 16 Equipment: – Forehand: Rhyzm, Max – Backhand: Rhyzm, Max – Blade: Rossi Emotion, Flared Club: Bravos de Cidra City: Cidra Country: Puerto Rico Hi everyone! I am writing to give you a little update in my life. In table tennis, things are going very well and I have… Read more »

Behind The Back Table Tennis Shot!

This video clip of Quentin Robinot of France vs  Kiryl Barabanov of Belarus at the Kuwait Open teaches a very important lesson.  Don’t cheer too early! Just after Kiryl hits a perceived game winning shot, Quentin miraculously performs a behind the back return that leaves Kiryl stunned! #forthechampioninyou! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You!… Read more »

Coach Richard McAfee Joins Team JOOLA!

We are excited to announce that Coach Richard McAfee has officially joined Team JOOLA! In brief, Coach McAfee is a longtime veteran of table tennis, having invested decades of work into the sport. Currently, he is the Chair of the the US Table Tennis National Coaching Advisory Committee and plays an integral role in the… Read more »

2013 US National Table Tennis Team Trial Results!

From February 7-10, 2013, the nation’s best competed at the 2013 US National Table Tennis Team Trials in San Jose, CA.  We’d like to applaud all the participants for their phenomenal performances! A special congratulations to the top finishers.  Here are the results: Men’s Team Trials 1. Timothy Wang (10-1) 2. Yahao Zhang (9-2) 3.… Read more »

Update: 2013 Schaumburg TTC Chinese New Year Open

Results from Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s most recent tournament! Community Recreation Center 505 N. Springinsguth Road Schaumburg, Illinois 60194 Chinese New Year Open Schaumburg, IL January 21, 2012 Last Saturday on February 2, 2013, Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted a one-star USATT-sanctioned tournament at the Community Recreation Center. This one-day event attracted 78 players from… Read more »

The JOOLA Greenline Table Tennis Blades

Eco-friendly table tennis. A concept that JOOLA has embraced by creating high quality equipment while also striving to create products that are as environmentally-friendly as possible. Introducing the JOOLA Greenline Series! The Greenline Blades are exclusively made from veneers sourced from the sustainable timber industry. The glue is free of solvents containing formaldehyde while the… Read more »

Big Brothers Big Sisters NYC's Tournament of Champions Pong!

The 5th annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC Tournament of Champions Pong was held on January 24th, in the beautiful and historic Grand Central Terminal.  The event was held in conjunction with the Tournament of Champions, an annual squash tournament that has been held for over 16 years and features some of the best… Read more »

JOOLA on CSI: NY Episode

If you’re a CSI: NY fan, you might have noticed on a recent episode that table tennis was featured! A fun and romantic date was set at a table tennis club. The JOOLA World Cup S was featured throughout the scenes. Perhaps table tennis will be a new trend in the dating world? If you… Read more »

2012 JOOLA Year In Review

2012 was an amazing year for us!  We’d like to thank everyone for being a part of it and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2013! Below is a 2012 JOOLA Year In Review: – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of… Read more »

2012 US National Table Tennis Championships Recap

We hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their 2013!  Are you working on your table tennis game? Perhaps you can draw some inspiration from the video below. Here’s a recap of the 2012 US National Table Tennis Championship that was just held a couple of weeks ago: – JOOLA – For The Champion… Read more »

2012 U.S. Nationals Results

We had an amazing time in Las Vegas during the 2012 U.S. National Championships! Congratulations to all of the winners! Men’s Singles Champion: Timothy Wang Women’s Singles Champion: Lily Zhang Men’s Singles Final: Timothy Wang def. Jeff Lin Huang (4-1) Women’s Singles Final: Lily Zhang def. Ariel Hsing (4-3) Men’s Doubles Champions: Han Xiao &… Read more »

2012 U.S. National Championships

This week we’re at the 2012 U.S. National Championships in Las Vegas! Nearly 800 players are registered and competing here at the Las Vegas Convention Center and we’re excited to be the Official Table Sponsor of this USATT event! Our nation’s top players are all in attendance and there are sure to be exhilarating matches!… Read more »

iPong Lessons: Forehand Push, Backhand Push, Backhand Hit

In the last video, Peter Li demonstrated the forehand grip, stance, and the forehand hit on the iPong Pro. Here are the rest of the videos that demonstrate the forehand push, backhand push, and the backhand hit. We hope these videos will help you with the fundamentals and basics of table tennis. The Forehand Push… Read more »

Vikash's latest blog update – Playing in less than ideal conditions.

Training and competing in college means that you won’t always have perfect playing conditions. Things like slippery floors, bad lighting, and poor tables are common, and thus must be taken into consideration when playing. I’ve learned to marginally adjust my playing style based on these factors. For example, when playing on a slippery floor it’s… Read more »

The Next World Champion: Ping Pong Cat!

Happy Friday! Let’s start this day with a fun and adorable clip of the Ping Pong Cat. With its lightning fast “cat-like” reflexes, no ball can get past the ping pong cat! Watch the video below. – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of… Read more »

Table Tennis Fitness – Shadow Practice

By Tom Nguyen If you’re a serious player, you know how grueling table tennis training can be physically. It requires fast reflexes and cardio if you want to perform at the highest levels. Just take a look at the video below: Of course, not everyone has the speed or proper technique to do these drills,… Read more »

iPong Lessons: Grip, Stance, Forehand Hit

The iPong is one of the best tools to learn the basics of table tennis.  In this video, 2011 US Men’s National Champion, Peter Li, demonstrates the proper grip, stance, and how to do the forehand hit with the iPong Pro! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National… Read more »

Schaumburg TTC's 2012 Thanksgiving Open

An Update from Schaumburg Table Tennis Club: 505 N. Springinsguth Road. Schaumburg, Illinois 60194 Thanksgiving Open Schaumburg, IL On Saturday, November 17, 2012, Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted a one-star USATT sanctioned tournament at Community Recreation Center. The club attracted 74 players from the Chicago and Midwest area to compete in its Thanksgiving Open tournament.… Read more »

2012 JOOLA North American Teams Championship Recap Video

We are still so thankful for all the participants and spectators from the 2012 JOOLA North American Teams!  Check out the recap video below!  And make sure to join us next year at our new location in the National Harbor in the Washington DC area.  For more information, visit – JOOLA – For The… Read more »

2012 JOOLA North American Teams Championships – Celebrating 15 Years in Baltimore!

NATT’s North American Teams Championships celebrated 15 years of operation and competition at the Baltimore Convention this past Thanksgiving weekend! With 644 registered players on just under 160 teams, this year’s four-star event used 120 JOOLA competition tables with more spacious courts than in previous years and brand new lighting throughout the entire playing hall!… Read more »

TopSpin 2012 Recap

Last Wednesday, Team JOOLA was in NYC for the 4th annual TopSpin Charity event. Thanks to the tireless efforts of many different organizations and individuals, the night was a huge success with an even better turnout and experience than in past years!  There were many celebrities, executives, and other supporters who came to enjoy fantastic food,… Read more »

Table Tennis Hall of Famer Si Wasserman!

Learn more about Si Wasserman, a 90 year old table tennis hall of famer! San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier… Read more »

Kickoff to Topspin 2012!

Only 7 more days until TopSpin 2012!  Watch their latest Kickoff video below. – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics. Follow JOOLA USA on Facebook:… Read more »

2012 TopSpin Charity

The 2012 TopSpin Charity is only days away!  Join this amazing event that uses table tennis to raise money and awareness to educational charities. “Guided by the principle that every child deserves access to a well-rounded, quality education, TopSpin seeks to provide necessary resources for underserved youth to succeed. By rallying professionals within the sports,… Read more »

The Battle: The Art Of Pong

Here’s a fun video made by the JOOLA USA staff.  An ode to 70’s Kung Fu film flicks. Watch Steven’s journey to become the best table tennis player and defeat his arch rival, Michael. – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US… Read more »

Happy Halloween!

From all of us here at JOOLA USA, we would like to wish everyone a safe, fun, and happy halloween! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and… Read more »

Daniel Habesohn Wins European Championships In Doubles

JOOLA sponsored player, Daniel Habesohn (AUT), was recently crowned the European Doubles Champion alongside his teammate, Robert Gardos (AUT). The pair took down one of the top seeded teams of Vladimir Samsonov (BLR) and Dimitrij Ovtcharov (GER) in the semi-finals, and eventually won over Kristian and Mattias Karlson (SWE) in the finals. Here is what… Read more »

Places To Play In New York: Westchester Table Tennis Club

Westchester Table Tennis Center 175 Tompkins Avenue Pleasantville, NY (914) 741-0738 Facility: 13,000+ square feet, 18 tables, 21’ ceiling, gymansium floor, professional lighting. Members & Notable players: 250+ members.  The club averages 45-50 players a day. Will Shortz (owner), The New York Times crossword editor Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of The New Yorker Stefan… Read more »

Extreme Table Tennis!

Happy Friday everyone. Here’s a fun video to get your weekend started. We don’t recommend you trying this at home, but this is a new and interesting way of playing table tennis. The angles and spin variations on this JOOLA table setup looks fun! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of… Read more »

2012 Berkeley Open Results

Congratulations to 2012 Berkeley Open Champion, Yonghui Liang.  He defeated Zhou Xin in a very close match.  If you missed out on the event, watch our video recap here! Want to see some photos from the event? Visit our facebook page! Events Concluding in Single Elimination Event # Event Name First State Second State Final… Read more »

Allen Wang – North American Championships Video Highlights

Recently, we got the chance to catch up with Allen Wang after his performance at the 2012 North American Championships.  Now, you get the chance to watch some great highlights of Allen and see how he’s progressed! – Allen Wang is a JOOLA sponsored player and a rising junior. His accomplishments include: -2012 US Open… Read more »

World Class Olympians To Compete At The North American Teams Table Tennis Championships

Rockville, MD September 17, 2012 – North American Table Tennis has confirmed Joerg Rosskopf, Chen Weixing, Daniel Habesohn, and Liu Song will be competing as the team to beat at the 2012 JOOLA North American Teams Table Tennis Championships.  This year marks the 15th anniversary of the event, which is held annually in Baltimore, MD.… Read more »

Places To Play In New York: New York Table Tennis Club

New York Table Tennis Club 35-26 Prince St Flushing, NY 11354 (718) 359-3272 Facility: 6 Tables and wood floors Coaches: Hui Yuan Liu, Yu Shao, Liu Juan, Yang (Andy) Liu Overview: With a vast background as a former professional player and coach to some of the top players in the world, Coach Hui Yuan… Read more »

Tina Lin, North American Cadet Girls Champion

This past Labor Day weekend at the 2012 North American Championships, Tina Lin went undefeated in the final round robin of the Cadet Girls and became the North American Cadet Girls Champion!  As a result, she qualifies as a member of the North American Team that will compete in the World Cadet Challenge to be… Read more »

Catching up with Allen Wang

By Tom Nguyen Looking back, I remember a period of time when I was taller and a better player then Allen Wang.  Unfortunately that period didn’t last too long.  I first met Allen at the 2005 New Jersey Open on the North American Tour.  He was 7 years old and a tiny little kid who… Read more »

Reach with your feet

By Tom Nguyen Are you having trouble getting to those wide angles? Is the ball just out of your reach? It’s probably because you are reaching with your hands.  Instead, remember to move your feet first to get to the ball.  Then you’ll be in a better position to make the proper stroke. As my… Read more »

Visualize And Be Ready For Anything

By Tom Nguyen How many times has a serve just ripped by you or caught you off guard? Or maybe you weren’t ready in time to make the proper service return? Maybe it’s because you’re rusty and haven’t played in awhile?  Whatever the reason is, a tip that has always helped me get back on… Read more »

2012 Team USA Paralympic Table Tennis Schedule!

The table tennis events of the 2012 Paralympics begin tomorrow, August, 30th!  Root for Team USA and follow our updates of their progress! Here are the US athletes and their schedules: Tahl Leibovitz Men’s Singles Class 3 – Preliminary Round: 20:40 vs Linus Karlsson (Sweden) Pamela Fontaine Women’s Singles Class 3 – Preliminary Round: 10:20… Read more »

Places To Play in NYC: New York International Table Tennis Center

New York International  Table Tennis Center 134-32 35 Avenue Flushing, NY 11354 (718) 961-4208 Facility: 10 tables and wood floors. A USATT certified national center of excellence. Coaches: Coach Yu Xiang Li Overview: NYITTC is run by the legendary Coach Li Yu Xiang.  A former Chinese national singles, doubles, and team champion, who has… Read more »

Get that Backhand Shot on the Table!

By Tom Nguyen My preferred backhand technique is the block. There’s just something very satisfying about blocking every loop or smash that someone throws at you until you win the point. However, I recently came to realize that my love for blocking is due to my inconsistent backhand loop and backhand smash. I can only… Read more »

Top Table Tennis Points

Enjoy 14 minutes of amazing table tennis points with the video below. This is why we love the sport! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004… Read more »

Places To Play in NYC: New York Table Tennis, Inc.

New York Table Tennis, Inc 45-19 162 Street Flushing, NY 11358 (718) 321-2030 | (646) 643-6820 Facility: 11 tables and wood floors Around 70+ members Notable Members: US Table Tennis Paralympian Tahl Leibovitz, Matthew Suchy, George Brathwaite Coaches: 4 coaches, including Matthew Suchy and Coach Doon Wong Overview: New York Table Tennis, Inc. was… Read more »

Drive Table Tennis Social Club

A little late, but definitely worth a look! Drive at Downtown Detroit Festival From June 22-24,2012 Drive, a new table tennis social club opening in Detroit, gave a glimpse of things to come. In preparation for its grand opening, Drive decided to hold a pop-up event at the Detroit River Days Festival, which draws over… Read more »

Ariel Hsing vs Li Xiaoxia Table Tennis Video

Check out (USA) Ariel Hsing’s match vs (CHN) Li Xiaoxia that captured the hearts of so many during the Olympics! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and… Read more »

Places To Play in NYC: Chinese Community Center of Flushing (CCCF)

Chinese Community Center of Flushing 43-17 Union Street Level C Flushing, NY 11355 (347) 927-9860 | Ask for Frances, Howard, or Santos Facility: 9 JOOLA 3000 SC Tables, Red Table Tennis Flooring, Over 100 members Programs/Classes Available: 1. After school program 2. Senior program 3. Weekend youth program 4. Group training 5. One-on-one training.… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s Summer Open

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted its 2012 Summer Open last Saturday. Eighty players participated in the competition including a couple of players from Colombia! Here are the results and some pictures for you to enjoy! Learn more about Schaumburg TTC. Here are the results: Open Singles: 1st. Daniel Seemiller Jr. 2nd. Engelbert Solis. Semis: Federico… Read more »


Richard, Tom, and Kat went to New York and New Jersey for a few days to say hi to the table tennis community up there. We’ll be posting about the clubs that we visited (and also the food we ate!) so stay tuned! Favorite

JOOLA NA Tour – Third Stop: 2012 Southern Open

This past weekend we made a successful return to Texas for the Southern Open. We had over 220 entries in the tournament and we had a great time seeing everyone after such a long time. The matches were exciting and featured a few surprises. We hope to see you all again soon. Check out our… Read more »

Vikash blogs about what he learned at the recent U.S. Open

At the recent U.S. Open held in Grand Rapids, I had a chance to observe and coach some very high-level players. A couple of things caught my eye, and I thought I’d share them here. For offensive players, attacking is quite simply a must in today’s game. Being passive during points may pay off initially… Read more »

2012 US Open Recap Video

Did you miss out on the 2012 US Open?  If so, check out our recap video! – JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics. Follow JOOLA… Read more »

Reflections of Two-Time Olympian Khoa Nguyen

I’ve played in the Olympic Games twice. The first time was in 2000 in Sydney and the second in 2004 in Athens. I’ve played in a few World Championships, Pro Tours, leagues in Sweden and Germany, won a Gold medal in the Pan American Games, and represented North America in the World Cup, but nothing compared to… Read more »

Live feed of U.S. Open!

Here is the schedule for Wednesday: 9:00 AM U21 Men’s Singles Semifinal 9:45 AM O30 Men’s Semifinal 10:30 AM U21 Men’s Singles Final 11:15 AM O30 Men’s Final 12:00 PM Men’s Doubles Semifinal 12:45 PM Mixed Doubles Semifinal 1:30 PM Women’s Doubles Final 2:15 PM Men’s Doubles Final 3:00 PM Women’s Singles Semifinal 3:45 PM… Read more »

Smash! Celebrity Charity Table Tennis Event in Los Angeles

On Saturday June 23, 2012, Honorary Chair Actor Terrence Howard and Rally for Kids with Cancer Foundation hosted celebrities and supporters at the Roosevelt Hotel in a table tennis event called Smash! Funds were raised to support Stand Up to Cancer and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which share the same goal of finding a cure… Read more »

Full Circle with JOOLA

By Sidney Rosenfeld (Oberlin, Ohio) Browsing the web one evening last year, I hit on a video with Peter Li, which I watched with special interest. In 1989/1990, when Peter was still a dream, his future father, Ming, was honing his piano technician skills at Oberlin’s conservatory. During that time, I helped Ming with some… Read more »

Hector Berrios, JOOLA sponsored Puerto Rican player

Hi Team JOOLA, nice to meet you. I’m Hector Berrios Morales from Puerto Rico. Here is a quick update on where I have been playing lately and how I have done. This year I’ve played several tournaments in the United States, mostly in Florida. I was able to win all the tournaments that I have participated… Read more »

The Moyer Foundation's Celebrity Ping Pong Tournament

The Moyer Foundation, founded by MLB World Series-winning All-Star pitcher Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen, will be hosting a celebrity ping pong tournament this Saturday in Philadelphia. JOOLA is proud to be an equipment sponsor for such a great cause. Also, our friends at Trolley Car Table Tennis Club will be helping out. Proceeds… Read more »

Fashion Fix's Sweetheart Concert

This saturday, June 23rd, join us at the Hillyer Art Space for Fashion Fix’s Sweetheart Concert featuring the talented Joanne Kim and Nila Kay.  There will also be free food, a cash bar, and fun raffles. JOOLA will be providing a midsize table to bring in some extra fun! Proceeds from the event will benefit… Read more »

Hunter Pence's Let's Go Eat: Food & Fun Fest Recap

Last week, JOOLA was invited to be a part of Hunter Pence’s first annual Let’s Go Eat: Food and Fun Fest. Despite his demanding schedule, Hunter, a Philadelphia Phillies’ baseball player, dedicated time to run a charity event benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Philadelphia, Philabundance, and Phillies Charities.  The event was hosted on the Moshulu,… Read more »

JOOLA NA Tour – Second Stop: 2012 Eastern Open

We had a successful second stop on the JOOLA NA Tour this past weekend in Piscataway, NJ! The weekend was full of exciting matches and some top players.  Check out our recap video and complete results from the tournament below! Events Concluding in Single Elimination Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score… Read more »

Table Tennis Exhibition at Victor Valley Mall in California

Last month, the Mall of Victor Valley and High Desert Table Tennis Club in Southern California put together a high level table tennis exhibition for shoppers.  The event was planned in conjunction with a Coca Cola raffle, which gave away tickets and an all-expense paid trip to the 2012 Olympic Games in London later this… Read more »

Phillies' Hunter Pence's Let's Go Eat Food & Fun Fest!

JOOLA is excited to be a sponsor of Phillies player Hunter Pence’s inaugural “Let’s Go Eat!” Food and Fun Fest benefit on Thursday, May 31, 2012. The event will be aboard the Moshulu and will feature professional athletes, sports personalities, and entertainers benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Philadelphia, PHILABUNDANCE, and Phillies Charities, Inc. Tickets are limited,… Read more »

Results: 2012 Schaumburg Spring Open

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted its Spring Open on Saturday May 12th, 2012. The tournament format consisted of eight groups competing in a giant round robin. Here are the results: Class A: 1st .Wojciech Wolski ., 2nd. Boguslaw Owsiak,  3rd.Jorge Vanegas. Class B: 1st.Karol Horodenski, 2nd. Christos Dousmanis, 3rd.Nir Cohen. Class C: 1st. Jaroslav Stastny… Read more »

King Pong in SoHo!

Still looking for your NYC table tennis destination? Well, look no further! A full-time, full-service table tennis facility serving a wide range of table tennis players, King Pong opened its doors earlier this year in the trendy neighborhood of SoHo in New York City. The street level club has eight tables for fun and competitive… Read more »

Sweetlife Music Festival 4/28 Recap!

JOOLA USA got to be a part of the 2012 Sweetlife Music Festival, celebrating sustainable living! The event was a huge success, complete with an amazing lineup of talented artists, two stages, ping pong tables, clubs, and food and drink vendors! We enjoyed meeting everyone and we are looking forward to next year’s event! Until… Read more »

Learn To Pong Like A Champ w/ 2011 US National Champ, Peter Li! (Part 3 of 3)

Watch our Pong Like A Champ video mini series and get the latest tips from National Champ, Peter Li, on how to improve your game! If you missed out on the previous tips, check out Tips 1, 2, and 3 here and tips 4, 5, and 6 here. 7. Making Your Service Count Your serve can… Read more »

Get Your Game Face On! Table Tennis Volume 1 Book Launch Party

Join Dora Kurimay & Kathy Toon to celebrate the publication of the first sports psychology book for table tennis players! They both co-authored “Get Your Game Face On! Table Tennis Volume 1“, which has been a great success.  Also, don’t forget to check out our quick interview prior to the book release! Here are the… Read more »

Learn To Pong Like A Champ with 2011 US National Champ, Peter Li! (Part 2 of 3)

Watch our Pong Like A Champ video mini series and get the latest tips from National Champ, Peter Li, on how to improve your game! Tips 1, 2, and 3 were posted on Monday.  Click here to read them! 4. Getting Good Equipment Using equipment that fits your skill level and playing style is essential to… Read more »

JOOLA: Learn To Pong Like A Champ

Learn to Pong Like a Champ with 2011 US Nationals Champion, Peter Li! (Part 1 of 3)

Watch our Pong Like A Champ video mini series and get the latest tips from National Champ, Peter Li, on how to improve your game! 1.  Developing the Forehand Smash The forehand smash is probably the most frequently attempted shot in table tennis.  However, a smash actually requires more technique than most expect since it… Read more »

Learn To Pong Like A Champ Preview w/ 2011 National Champion, Peter Li

Coming next week! Learn To Pong Like A Champ: Nine tips to improve your table tennis game from 2011 US National Champion, Peter Li. Favorite

US Captures 3 Spots for 2012 Olympic Games

Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang, Erica Wu & Timothy Wang Head to London (April 21, 2012) – US table tennis fans watched history unfold this past weekend in Cary, North Carolina, where Americans, Ariel Hsing (CA), Lily Zhang (CA), Erica Wu (CA) and Timothy Wang (TX) earned places on the 2012 US Olympic Team headed to… Read more »

Local Event: Win Prizes at Sweetgreen Locations in Washington DC!

The Sweetlife Festival is less than a month away and we can hardly wait! To celebrate, JOOLA is partnering with Sweetlife this week to host mini-ping pong tournaments at sweetgreen locations in the nation’s capital.  Come by for a chance to win amazing prizes like sweetgreen swag, Sweetlife Festival tickets, and table tennis goodies including… Read more »

Team USA at the World Team Championships in Dortmund, Germany

  From March 25 to April 1, 150 countries are competing in the World Team Championships in Dortmund, Germany.  The competition is fierce, but the US Team has shown a lot of potential this year and will be bringing one of the youngest and strongest collection of players in US table tennis history to the… Read more »

Schaumburg TTC's St. Patrick’s Day Open

Schaumburg, IL March 17, 2012 Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted a one-star USATT-sanctioned tournament on St. Patrick’s Day this year.  The tournament consisted of eight groups in a giant round robin. Here are the results: Class A: 1st . Artur Kurek., 2nd. Wojciech Wolski,  3rd.Thor Truelson. Class B: 1st. Alexander Mehrabian, 2nd. Yong Jian Xue,… Read more »

Baseball's LA Dodgers Uses Table Tennis To Unwind

Spring training has started for baseball, and one of the main elements of training is to also stay loose and unwind.  The LA Dodgers have found an answer to that, table tennis! As trivial as it might sound, the newest Dodgers toy has been a welcome addition. Clubhouse manager Mitch Poole bought it. “It wasn’t… Read more »

A Trip To The Austin Table Tennis Association

During my trip to Austin for the SXSW Fader Fort event, I had a chance to visit the Austin Table Tennis Association (ATTA).  After my visit, I have to say, this city is one of the luckiest cities in the US to have such an beautifully designed table tennis club.  ATTA is a custom built… Read more »

SXSW Fader Fort Recap

For the second year in a row, JOOLA was invited to be a part of the SXSW Fader Fort in Austin, Texas!  The four-day music festival is an annual event, featuring emerging and established artists from a variety of genres.  This year, the outdoor venue was outfitted specifically for Fader Fort and provided participants with… Read more »

Manuel Gomez updates us on his recent tournaments

My experiences in the ITTF GLOBAL CADET CHALLENGE & GLOBAL JUNIOR CIRCUIT FINALS were really great. I had a good tournament and in the teams category, my team Puerto Rico won fifth place. We beat Africa, North America and Oceania. My level of play got really great.  I just played another tournament here in Puerto Rico in the… Read more »

JOOLA at SXSW Fader Fort Day 2


JOOLA @ SXSW Fader Fort!

JOOLA is here at the Fader Fort in Austin, TX for the third time around! This year, The Fader Fort is officially a part of South By Southwest. The Fader Fort has been providing a great music event for many years now and we’re so happy to be part of it. As guests listen to… Read more »

2012 Western Open Recap Video

Did you miss out on the 2012 Western Open on the 2012 JOOLA North American Tour? Check out the recap video below! JOOLA – For The Champion In You! Official Apparel of the US National Team. Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals. Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000,… Read more »

Get your heart rate up with the iPong and the Scosche myTREK!

Table Tennis is one of the best brain exercises out there! But did you know it’s a great workout too?  Our friend, Jon Ham of Fitness On The Run, recently tested out the iPong and tracked his heart rate using the Scosche myTREK.  Check out his results in the video below! ______________ JOOLA – For… Read more »

Dora Kurimay Talks About Her New eBook, Get Your Game Face On!

Team JOOLA’s Dora Kurimay has just released her first ebook on called Get Your Game Face On!  Table Tennis, Volume 1! We are super excited and wanted to share the inside scoop that we got from Dora herself! Tom from JOOLA: Dora, what inspired you to write this book? Dora: Throughout my life, I… Read more »

Bonobos, Fashion Fix & JOOLA Team Up For A Good Cause!

On Thursday, February 23rd, Bonobos, Fashion Fix, and JOOLA teamed up to host a fun- filled fashion trunk show in benefit of the Capital Breast Care Center (CBCC) at The Lost Society.  The CBCC is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to providing breast cancer screenings and raising awareness for women in Washington DC, regardless… Read more »

Table Tennis Legend Sol Shiff Passes Away

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Sol Shiff. Sol was known as “Mr. Table Tennis” and a legend in our sport. He passed away quietly in his sleep at the age of 95 on Sunday, February 26, 2012. “In a 4-decade career as a player, Sol Schiff… Read more »

JOOLA USA helps teach the Falkenberg Drill

During a recent trip to California, Tom and Richard of JOOLA USA stopped by for a visit with our friend, Jon Ham. They explained to him what the Falkenberg Drill is and helped him work on his technique. Check out the video below to see how it all went down. Favorite

JOOLA NA Tour – First Stop: 2012 Western Open

We had a successful first stop for the JOOLA NA Tour this weekend in Berkeley, CA! The weekend was full of exciting matches with players from top clubs in the area.  Check out pictures and results from the tournament below! Events Concluding in Single Elimination Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score… Read more »

2012 February Philadelphia Open Tournament Results

Trolley Car Table Tennis Club, located at the Falls Center, is Philadelphia’s only full time table tennis club.  On February 11-12, the 2012 February Philadelphia Open was held.  JOOLA USA is proud to have been the official ball sponsor of the event.  Results of the events are listed below. Open Champion: John Mark Wetzler Finalist:… Read more »

US Olympic Trials Results

This past weekend the US Olympic Trials took place in Cary, NC.  Top players from around the country competed to find out who would be one step closer to participating in the 2012 London Olympics. Congratulations to the top four men and women who will be competing in the 2012 North America Olympic Qualifying Tournament… Read more »

The 2012 JOOLA National Team Challenge – The President's Cup

In 2012, the JOOLA National Team Challenge, serving as the Canadian Olympic Qualifier, provides direct qualification for three entries in the North American Olympic Qualifier. This year, the challenge will take place from February 17 to 19th, in Toronto. Every year the National Team Challenge contributes to Table Tennis Canada’s National Team Selection for the… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club: Year of the Dragon Open

Year of the Dragon Open Schaumburg, IL January 21, 2012  Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted its first USATT sanctioned tournament for 2012 at the Community Recreation Center.  The Year of Dragon Open attracted 88 players from the Chicago area for a weekend of competition! Here are the results: Open Singles: 1st. Artur Kurek, 2nd. Wojciech… Read more »

Team North America at the 2012 Global Cadet Challenge

Puerto Rico kicked off the new year by hosting the ITTF Global Cadet Challenge in San Juan from January 17th to 22nd.  Six continental teams, in addition to the World Hopes Team, competed in the respective categories of Teams, Singles, and Doubles for both Boys and Girls. In the teams events, North American Girls finished… Read more »

The Chinese Community Center of Flushing Holds 1st Annual Senior Tournament

The Chinese Community Center of Flushing (CCCF) held their first Annual Chinese Community Seniors Team Table Tennis Competition earlier this month and had a great turnout!  A total of 13 teams consisting of 70 seniors came out to enjoy this event.  It was a fun and exciting day for the players and their loved ones… Read more »

India's top player signs with JOOLA

Starting on the 1st of this year, an exciting new relationship began between JOOLA and Achanta Sharath Kamal. Kamal, a Federal League Player for Bremen, signed a long term contract to exclusively use JOOLA equipment and share his knowledge and experience to improve and expand the brand. “Since JOOLA has equipped the Indian National Team… Read more »

Peter Li – 2011 US National Champion!

Last month, Peter Li from Laurel, MD won the 2011 National Championships.  Read what the 18 year-old had to say about it! Question: How did you feel going into the Nationals? Answer: Going into Nationals, I will admit I was nervous. My performance in the few tournaments I played in after returning from my training… Read more »

JOOLA Partners with USA Table Tennis

Contact:  Katherine Wu Tel:  (301) 816-3060 Email: JOOLA Partners with USA Table Tennis US Team, US Open, and US Nationals will be Supported by JOOLA (December 22, 2011) – USA Table Tennis, also known as USATT, has selected JOOLA as the Official Apparel Sponsor for the US National Team through the end of 2015. … Read more »

JOOLA players dominate at 2011 U.S. Nationals.

The 2011 US National Championships in Virginia Beach, VA this past week was a huge success for JOOLA players, who dominated the finals matches in Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, and Mixed Doubles. Men’s Singles Peter Li Han Xiao Women’s Singles Ariel Hsing Lily Zhang Mixed Doubles Tim Wang/Ariel Hsing Peter Li/Lily Zhang Men’s Doubles 1.… Read more »

Lessons learned at the Teams Championships

I picked up a couple pointers at the recent North American Teams Championships that I thought might be helpful to others. During this tournament, I didn’t look at any of my opponents’ ratings before starting the matches. In a tournament like the Teams (or any tournament for that matter) anything can happen, so it is… Read more »

2011 JOOLA NA Teams Table Tennis Championships – Song Liu vs Wenzhang Tao

Watch match 3 of the 2011 JOOLA North American Teams Championship finals match between Team JOOLA and Alex TT Elite. Song Liu vs Wenzhang Tao. Favorite

2011 JOOLA NA Teams Table Tennis Championships – Lin Ju vs Bo Fang

Watch match 2 of the 2011 JOOLA North American Teams Championship finals match between Team JOOLA and Alex TT Elite. Lin Ju vs Bo Fang. Favorite

2011 JOOLA NA Teams Championships Match 1

Check out the first match of the finals of the 2011 JOOLA NA Teams Championships. Lubomir Pistej vs Chao Zhang Favorite

2011 JOOLA North American Team Championships

The Teams tournament has been going on all this weekend in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We hope you have been able to attend but if not you can stay updated in a couple places. NATT (North American Table Tennis) is live streaming matches from the Top Division. You can watch here. The results for all divisions… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club's Fall Open Results

JOOLA was a sponsor for Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s Fall Open last Saturday, November 5, 2011!  A total of 77 participants competed in 7 events. Check out the results! Open Singles: 1st. Maria Kretschmer, 2nd. Wojciech Wolski.  Semifinal: Spenser Lam and Alexander Mehrabian. Under 2150: 1st. Spenser Lam, 2nd. Junduo Zhao.  Semifinal: Federico Bassetti and… Read more »

Staying In Shape

by Amaresh Sahu I’ve been pretty busy with midterms and such so I haven’t posted in a while, but now our regional tournament is just around the corner and the Princeton Team is trying to quickly get into tournament form. Not being able to regularly practice is tough, but I’ve been in the gym and… Read more »

Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow Plays Table Tennis!

This past weekend, Tim Tebow was the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos playing against the Miami Dolphins. He led the team to a thrilling comeback victory, defeating the Dolphins 18-15. There is no question about Tim Tebow’s competitive spirit, even in the world of table tennis! Check out the gallery and  video of Tim… Read more »

Table Tennis Legend Kjell Johansson Passes Away

Today is a sad day for the table tennis world.  Kjell Johansson of Sweden has passed away at the age of 65 today.  Kjell was known as “The Hammer” and helped Sweden win the European championships and other world titles.  Check out some of this old footage of Kjell helping the Swedish team become world… Read more »

Fader Fort By Fiat, NYC!

Fader Fort by Fiat in New York City this past Friday and Saturday was a huge success!  Amazingly, the event was free of charge, with a full line up of talented artists and a seemingly never-ending supply of Bud Light, Bushmills, and Pepsi products.  Not surprisingly, the space hit its capacity early in the evening and… Read more »

JOOLA Designs Custom Table for Mavericks Head Coach, Rick Carlisle!

When we met Dallas Mavericks Head Coach, Rick Carlisle, last July, we had no idea that he was such a table tennis enthusiast!  Since then, we’ve really gotten to know him outside the sport of basketball and he never ceases to surprise us. Recently, we were thrilled to learn that he chose to work with… Read more »

Trolley Car Table Tennis Club October Tournament

Don’t forget to sign up for the Trolley Car Table Tennis Club’s October tournament, held on the 29th & 30th.  The Trolley Car TTC is Philadelphia’s only full time table tennis club! You can find more information on registering online at If you would like to view the downloadable entry form, click here. JOOLA is… Read more »

Ping-Pong is back on pop culture scene

Chris Jordan writes about how ping pong / table tennis has made it’s comeback into the pop culture scene.  From latest celebrity & entertainment table tennis buzz to serious professional players, all of it has been getting table tennis back into the limelight. Our very own Tina Lin even gets a mention! That talent includes… Read more »

Peter Li's Practice Drills In China

By Peter Li In my last blog I told you about the benefits of training and competing internationally. Today I’ll talk about some of the drills that we do in each practice at the training facility in China. A typical practice starts at 8 in the morning. Prior to this, we do basic stretching and… Read more »

Norman's Landing's Ping Pong Charity Tournament For The American Red Cross

Norman’s Landing, a seafood and steak house restaurant in Cumming, GA, will be hosting a charity ping pong tournament in benefit of the local American Red Cross. The tournament will be held on October 18th and 19th. The singles event will be on the 18th, while the doubles event will be on the 19th, both… Read more »

Auction Kings: Official 1996 Atlanta Olympic JOOLA Table

Recently on an episode of Auction Kings, an official competition table from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta made by JOOLA was put up for auction!  Check out this video and see a piece of history! We spy some autographed racket sets too! Favorite

Jorg Rosskopf's last point as a Bundesliga player

Jan-Ove Waldner, considered the Michael Jordan of table tennis, has claimed that fellow table tennis legend Jorg Rosskopf has the best backhand loop.  Here’s a clip that shows you why!  Check out the last point of Rossi’s professional career before becoming Germany’s head coach!  (7:12 mark) All we can say is… BAM! Favorite

Save The Date: Fader Fort by Fiat coming soon!

Music & Table Tennis go hand in hand, at least in our opinion! For all the NYC’ers, don’t miss out on The Fader for By Fiat on October 21st and 22nd, 2011.  The non stop music show will be from 2pm-9pm daily.  JOOLA will be there providing some table tennis / ping pong fun for… Read more »

Roger Bernstein Using Table Tennis Therapy For Social Disorders

Roger Bernstein Using Table Tennis Therapy For Social Disorders

We absolutely love hearing stories of table tennis being used for good!  Today’s news, that caught our eye, is about Robert Bernstein.  Robert is an educational therapist that uses table tennis to teach social skills to children with autism and other social disorders. “These children have a developmental gap, and I’m trying to bridge that… Read more »

2011 Berkeley Open Results

Here are the results of the 2011 Berkeley Open on the 2011 JOOLA North American Tour! Congratulations to Zhou Xin on his wonderful performance in the Open event.  Thanks again to all the spectators and participants at the event! For more information, visit Events Concluding in Single Elimination Event # Event Name First State… Read more »

A Closer Look: The JOOLA Rosskopf Allround

A closer look on the JOOLA Rosskopf Allround By Tom Nguyen Quick Stats Speed: Medium Control: Medium High Strategy: All/Off- Construction: 5+2 ply blade (Limba, Abachi, Black Paper) Weight: ~85-90g Overview The Rosskopf Allround blade is a classic, usually recommended for beginners or players who are looking for an emphasis on control.  It has long… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club – Labor Day Open

Schaumburg Table Tennis Center hosted its Labor Day Open earlier this month on September 10th.  JOOLA was a sponsor of the event and there was a total of $800 in cash prizes and awards! Results: Class A: 1st. Engelbert Solis, 2nd. Wojciech Wolski,  3rd. Artur Kurek. Class B: 1st. Peter Jie Yang, 2nd. Seon Ho… Read more »

Competing Internationally

By Peter Li While competing in two junior circuits in China, I realized something. What separates most of us top US junior players from the top juniors in the world is not necessarily our skill in the rally, but the quality of our serve and service return. In the rally, I do not feel like… Read more »

Vikash's Blog Update: Blocking is underrated

Blocking in my opinion is one of the more underrated aspects of table tennis. During a practice session players mostly focus on offensive techniques such as looping or smashing, but it is equally important to develop a solid blocking game in case your opponent in a match situation is much more proficient at initiating or… Read more »

An update on Peter Li's training in China

From the article on A long journey from the United States but for 17 year old Michael Landers and 18 year old Peter Li; however, the visit to China is proving most worthwhile. Additionally, to competing in the Chengdu Junior and Cadet Open, both have been attending training sessions in China. Both would be… Read more »

Bay Area Table Tennis Federation (BATTF)

Did you know there’s an elite table tennis league right here in the US where you can watch high level matches on a regular basis?! Currently in its fifth season, the Bay Area Table Tennis Federation (BATTF) has truly come a long way since its founding in 2006. Back then, there were five divisions, 10… Read more »

Ethan Chua is training in China, too!

Today im going to tell you what it is like in China. 1. In china you get partnered up with people your level but in the U.S people usually play with there coaches which are 200+ points higher than them. 2. Everyday you will get partnered up with a different player unlike in the U.S.… Read more »

Training in China

By Peter Li Many of you may be considering whether to spend your summers training overseas in order to improve your game. Many players choose to train with a professional team in China since China has dominated the sport for so many years. However, training in China does not guarantee great improvement. It is possible… Read more »

Spike Jonze playing for 826LA

826LA Table Tennis Fundraiser

On July 19, 2011, The “Everything You Know Is Pong” fundraiser was held for 826LA. 826 LA is a non profit organization that is dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  The fundraiser was a table tennis tournament… Read more »

Schaumburg Table Tennis Club's Summer Open Results

JOOLA supported Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s Summer Open over the weekend and it was a fabulous event!  Nearly 80 participants competed in seven events.  Here are the results and some visual highlights from the tournament: Open Singles: 1st Wojciech Wolski, 2nd. Artur Kurek.  Semifinal: Nafaz Baker and Oluwole Ayangade. Under 2200: 1st. Junduo Zhao, 2nd.… Read more »

Vikash's Blog Update

Working over the Summer has given me a new appreciation for time management. It’s summertime, and with more free time during the day it’s easy to waste away several hours at a time. To prevent this, I plan my training for upcoming months in a schedule; for example, 6:00-7:00 P.M. four days a week is… Read more »

A New Table Tennis Club in New York!

Chinese Community Center of Flushing (CCCF) The Chinese Community Center of Flushing (CCCF) offers group training lessons for all levels to juniors and is supervised by three very accomplished professional table tennis players/coaches – Mr. Shili Min, Mr. Yanjun Gao, and Ms. Yue Wu.  They bring their diverse skill set to the sport with a… Read more »

2011 US Open – JOOLA Results

Congratulations to all the players and participants at the 2011 US Open Table Tennis Championships! Here’s a list of JOOLA players and their accomplishments! Krishnateja Avvari U13 Boys: Quarterfinalist Ishana Deb U11 Girl’s: Champion Thomas Keinath Men Singles: Champion Over 30 Men’s: Champion Shivansh Kumar U2250: Semifinalist Dora Kurimay U2400: Semifinalist Women’s Doubles: Quarterfinalist with… Read more »

Ariel Hsing Talks "Ping Pong Diplomacy"

View more videos at: With under 400 days until the 2012 Summer Olympic Games the fever can already be felt in the Bay Area. Ping Pong Champions & Delegates from around the world gathered to mark “Ping Pong Diplomacy” at Stanford Wednesday. Jeff Ranieri caught up with the youngest U.S. ping pong Champion Ariel… Read more »

2011 ITTF Hope Challenge

The ITTF Hope Challenge is happening next weekend from June 25 to 26 at the Werner Schlager Academy in Austria.  This training camp & competition will feature the most talented players under 12 from all around the world!  We are very excited that Newman Cheng, Kunal Chodri & Kanak Jha will be representing the US! … Read more »

Matthew Mayfield's summer plans

School has just ended, so I plan on training more often this summer. June 1st I leave to go train in china with Coach Yang, and I will be gone roughly a month. Then I will have to leave for us open the next day after arriving back home. I have other things to worry… Read more »

2011 Eastern Open Recap Video

Congratulations and thanks to all the participants and spectators at the 2011 Eastern Open on the JOOLA North American Tour! Here’s a recap video of the event, enjoy! Favorite

Pick A Distance

When you practice, it is important to select a distance to station yourself from the table that suits your game. Someone who stays close to the table must perform strokes quickly and efficiently because there is less time to react to an opponent’s shot. In contrast, someone who plays a mid-distance game has more time… Read more »

Tina Lin shares her struggle with allergies

Ahh… the time has come again for the allergies to attack. Oh, the sneezing and coughing and the irritating, itching eyes. Spring has arrived and the flowers have began to blossom. It’s a good thing that the sport of table tennis is indoors! However, the allergies still get to you. For the people out there… Read more »

The latest from Willy Xiao

The Invitational Atlanta Table Tennis Team Tournament that we ran in April was overall very successful. You can check out our winners and our website at www.! I finished AP Exams about a week ago, so I only have to go to school for about one hour a day. I have a lot of… Read more »

Anand's training update

After a month and a half of injury, I have resumed my training. I am working on my conditioning at home and coach Lin is working on adding backhand looping to my game. It is very hard for me right now as I have always turned around to loop the ball, but now I am… Read more »

2011 Sweetlife Festival – Live Music, Great Food, Ping Pong, and More!

The Sweetlife Music Festival this past Sunday (May 1st) was a huge success! Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD was packed all day with fans eagerly waiting to hear their favorite bands, including The Strokes, Girl Talk, and Lupe Fiasco etc. Despite the dreary weather, many music enthusiasts stayed for the day-long festivities. JOOLA had… Read more »

Schaumburg TTC Spring Open

Community Recreation Center505 N. SpringinsguthSchaumburg, Illinois 60194 2011 Spring OpenSchaumburg, ILMarch 26, 2011 Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted its 2nd USATT-sanctioned tournament for 2011. The format consisted of eight groups of nine players each in a giant round robin. The first four groups competed in the morning and the four higher groups competed in the… Read more »

Vikash updates us on his blade choice

Hi Team JOOLA Readers, I have been training hard the past couple of weeks with a lot of emphasis on topspin drills and physical conditioning. I also switched back to an all-wood blade, the Torre, from the previous carbon blade I was using, the Fever. The classic Swedish construction and the feeling of the all-wood… Read more »

Vikash tries out a new blade

Hi Team JOOLA Readers, I have been training hard the past couple of weeks with a lot of emphasis on topspin drills and physical conditioning. I also switched back to an all-wood blade, the Torre, from the previous carbon blade I was using, the Fever. The classic Swedish construction and the feeling of the all-wood… Read more »

Blog Update: Ethan Chua

These past weeks have been very busy. Last week was California State Testing, this made it difficult to practice but I know this means that I should try harder even if it means to run or to serve. This week is my spring break, I’m really excited, I will be training hard every day with… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Tactics to Get You Started

ByCarl Danner Many table tennis coaching articles focus on advanced players. But what if you are new to the sport, and just want to win a few matches (or beat your buddies)? Here’s a little menu of approaches that can help:   1. Attack first: Usually, the advantage goes to the player who takes the… Read more »

North American Championships & North American Cup Results

Congratulations to all the participants of the 2011 North American Championships & North American Cup. Here is how Team JOOLA did! North American Cup Womens Singles: Ariel Hsing: Champion Lily Zhang: Semi Finalist   North American Championships Women’s Singles Ariel Hsing: Semi Finalist Ellen Hwang: Round of 16 Lily Zhang: Finalist   North American Championships:… Read more »

New JOOLA Players from Puerto Rico – Meet Manuel and Hector!

JOOLA welcomes two new members, Manuel Gomez and Hector Berrios, from Puerto Rico! They have demonstrated exceptional performances as table tennis athletes and we are delighted that they have joined Team JOOLA! Hello! My name is Manuel Gomez Jr. from Puerto Rico. First of all, I would like to thank the JOOLA brand for sponsoring… Read more »

Improve your game

byVikash Sahu There is no easy way to improve; the best way to improve is to focus on the weakest aspects of your game and constantly work at developing these weaknesses. It is important not just to do drills you are comfortable with and not to play matches only with higher level players. Focus on… Read more »

Blog Update: Tina Lin

Recently, I attended a tournament in New York City at FIT Open. There were a decent amount of players there and I had many chances to play players with different styles.Overall, I felt that I did pretty well! I beat everyone below 2000 that I played and I also beat three players above 2000.Throughout this… Read more »

Blog Update: Willy Xiao

The name of the youth team tournament that we are running in Georgia is called The Invitational Atlanta Table Tennis Team Tournament. Shortened, this becomes “Ti-AT4,” a play on the name of the Texas Instruments calculator: “Ti-84.” We have already sent out all the invitations and are starting to get responses from different teams. This… Read more »

Anand updates us on his injury

Last week my doctor cleared me to start table tennis training once again. The middle index finger still hurts a little bit but the fracture has healed. This past weekend was the first day I played since I broke my finger. It felt like I had not played for a very long time. I did… Read more »

Blog Update Amaresh Sahu

After completing both regional NCTTA and ACUI tournaments to qualify for collegiate nationals and just surfacing after a busy midterm week, I think looking back over the past month is a refreshing exercise. Through some unfortunate scheduling, our NCTTA regionals (for teams qualification) was planned to be on the same day as the ACUI tournament… Read more »

Blog Update: David Gong

I visited China last month for Chinese Spring Festival and got the chance to play in different local clubs. I love the training in China since I can play with so many kids of about my age. The training in China helped me a lot in improving my forehand and rally. Favorite

Blog Update: Shigang Alex Yang

I had intended on attending the Olympic Trials this year, however I’m not able to obtain my American citizenship until the end of this year so training will still be my main focus. Ethan Jin is my top priority right now since we are preparing for the north American Junior Tournament in April. The number… Read more »

Meet The Staff

Richard Lee President & Chief Executive Officer Richard, the owner and founder of JOOLA North America, has been involved with table tennis for over 20 years. A native of Potomac, MD, his experience includes being a former junior national champion, a tournament director, tournament sponsor, and even a club founder. Before he graduated with a… Read more »

Blog Update Matthew Mayfield

Lately I have been training harder and longer. I now train at GA Tech which is the number 10 table tennis college in the country. They have many players from different countries that have different yet unique styles of play. The coaches over Tech are focusing on my speed and footwork. The head coach believes… Read more »

Blog Update from Vikash

Prior to the North American Teams Championship tournament in November, I had the opportunity to train with members of the Canadian Girls Junior Team. Although I had school I was able to make the afternoon sessions of this training camp, and gained valuable insight under coaches Lily Yip and Jean-Baptiste Bertrand. Coach Lily noticed that… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Forehand Basics

By Carl Danner Let’s review a few basics for any forehand topspin shot. Start with your weight balanced over your feet, in an athletic position with your legs bent a bit. You should have a back and front foot, the back foot being the same as your playing hand (e.g. the right foot for a… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Short Pushes

ByCarl Danner Players new to competitive table tennis quickly learn to push. It’s a safe shot that’s difficult for a beginner’s opponent’s to attack well, especially if it has some good underspin. You can also win some rallies just by a low-risk strategy of patient pushing. Unhappily, simple pushing becomes a weaker and weaker strategy… Read more »

Blog Update: Ethan Jin

Hi Team Joola, I know I have not been able to post a blog recently. The make-up work from school has been pretty rough. Although I am pretty glad that I made it in the Cadet A team this past nationals, I am still working hard. I have been working on my physical training a… Read more »

Steven Chan update: New equipment

Hi, just a quick update of what I have been doing. I have just switched from the Bomb Fast to some new equipment from Joola, and heres a quick review. I am currently using the Flame Extreme and it is one of the fastest blades Ive used in a while. It has a very concrete… Read more »

2011 Western Open

The US Men’s Singles Nation Champion, Tim Wang, also just became the 2011 Western Open Champion in a thrilling 7 game victory. Congratulations and many thanks to all the players and spectators this weekend who attended the first stop on the 2011 JOOLA North American Tour. Check outwww.natabletennis.comfor the rest of the results! Favorite

Can you help Willy Xiao name his tournament?

We’ve finally confirmed a date to run the junior team tournament in Atlanta, Georgia: April 17th. It will be at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta. I’m running it with co-managers Ethan Jin and William Chen from Northview High School. We had a great time last year (about 50 high school students attended), and… Read more »

Do you know how to block out distractions?

Hello New York! I apologize that I havent written a blog post lately. I moved from the Bay Area to New York and its has been a big change! But it is all very exciting! I had a chance to start working at Spin New York. I was also honored to give a lesson to… Read more »

Ishana Deb shares her thoughts

I am so excited to be sponsored by JOOLA, a table tennis brand that is known to support top performers! In order to start playing the real sport of table tennis, one needs the proper equipment and training. I just received my JOOLA equipment (new shoes, bag, paddle, etc.) and am proud to wear and… Read more »

Practicing in game like situations

Hey everyone, I’ve been pretty busy with exams so haven’t had time to update in a while. Just had my last one today, and so I haven’t been able to play nearly as much as I would like. Now I got a week off before classes start again, so I’m hoping to get back in… Read more »

Blog Update: Lily Zhang

It has been very tough for the past few weeks as I was spending so much time making up my missed school work due to some tournament and preparing for my finals. However, I am positive that all my hard work will be paid off. I know I will not regret what I am doing… Read more »

Schaumburg Winter Open

Last week, Schaumburg Table Tennis Club in Illinois hosted its first tournament for 2011. JOOLA is a proud sponsor of the Schaumburg Winter Open, which consisted of seven events and 92 participants, from Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The event had a fantastic turnout and marked a great start for the new year! Check out… Read more »

Blog Update: Vikash Sahu

Its sometimes hard for me to find as much time to practice as I want to because of school and other commitments. When I dont have the time to make a trip to the training center, I try to instead watch top level players compete online, especially in the European and Chinese League systems. Ive… Read more »

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Steven Chan's plan for 2011

The year of 2011 is finally here, the year before the 2012 Olympics! I am currently working on getting physically fit to further enhance my game in table tennis. I have noticed that in the past, I have the ability to defeat my opponent, but in the end of the match, I have been overpowered.… Read more »

Observations on Forehand Loop Mechanics

By Han Xiao The big news in life I suppose is that I’ve been training again recently. Starting to train again has given me new perspective on the importance of physical training as a foundation for everything else, and I’ve been slowly getting back into playing shape through a vigorous physical training regimen. At the… Read more »

Indian Community Center (ICC) Partners with JOOLA in 2011

(January 3, 2011) – East meets West starting January 1, 2011!  The Indian Community Center, based in Milpitas, California, and JOOLA North America, based in Rockville, MD, are joining forces to advance our missions for the sport of table tennis.  Since its beginning in 2005, ICC has experienced record breaking highs in terms of membership… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Be Like Ariel

By Carl Danner New United States champion Ariel Hsing is a welcomed addition to the JOOLA family.  She is the leader of a growing group of young American women making their marks on the national and world scene.  Like most champions, Ariel has some habits and qualities from which all players can learn — even… Read more »

Lily Zhang ranked No.2 in Cadet World Rankings

Courtesy of ITTF: Original Article Here By: Katherine Garcia01/04/2011         On Sunday 23rd August 2009, Lily Zhang from the United States of America became the youngest player ever to win a singles crown on the ITTF Junior Circuit, when she won the Girls Singles crown in Laval at the Stag Canadian Open. Favorite

Ariel Hsing wins US National Championships

15 Year Old Is Youngest National Champion in U.S. Table Tennis History Ariel Hsing, 15, Wins Womens Singles Title at 2010 U.S. Nationals At just 15 years old, Ariel Hsing has taken the table tennis world by storm.  Hsing has accomplished more in her table tennis career than others will in an entire lifetime and… Read more »

2010 JOOLA North American Table Tennis Teams Championships Highlight

A quick recap of the 2010 JOOLA North American Teams Table Tennis Championships held in Baltimore, MD from November 26-28, 2010. Over 212 Teams, 840 players, from all around the world! Favorite

Happy Holidays from JOOLA!

Team JOOLA would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!  Weve been keeping busy this year and wed like to thank all of our supporters and followers for making 2010 our most successful year yet! Heres a quick recap of the last few months: Favorite

Team JOOLA @ 2010 US Nationals

Congratulations to all the participants at the 2010 US Nationals!  We wanted to highlight some of Team JOOLA’s accomplishments! Favorite

Quick note from Willy Xiao

I hope everyone is doing well at nationals, I just finished school today so I’m excited for winter break. I’m organizing another tournament for Georgia High Schools in April, so planning will start in the next two weeks. I also want to focus more on helping younger players through practice and coaching in the next… Read more »

An update from Brandon Geiger

Just getting back from the Joola Team tournament. Even though I did not play, I learned that I have more work to do.This is the time of year that players start to practice more, before the U.S Nationals. Working on their weaknesses and improving their best.That’s what I have been doing. Me and my coach… Read more »

What's Steven Chan been up to lately?

As usual, I am still going to school and coaching table tennis. I have pretty much been MIA to the rest of the table tennis world this year. But in these past two months, I’ve been training for US Nationals myself. It has been really hectic to balance school table tennis and modifying cars, but… Read more »

An update and some tips from Tina Lin

Just last week, I went to Baltimore, MD for the NATT Team Tournament. I’ve watched many top players compete for the spot of number one. I feel that this is one of the major tournaments of America because it is a great opportunity to make friends and meet with them again after a year. It’s… Read more »

An update from Anand

Now that US Nationals are coming up I am really trying to find as much time as possible to train. I am playing at minimum an hour each during weekday and about 3 to 4 hours during weekends. I have started doing some physical training to improve my footwork. I train with Coach Lin twice… Read more »

Serving No Spin & Top Spin

When most players learn a competitive serve, they are usually taught to serve underspin.  This sets up a push from the opponent, which is then attackable and leads to favorable situations for the players.  While this mindset is good for up and coming juniors who need to learn how to attack underspin, it is not… Read more »

Holiday Schedule

Our offices will be closed Nov 24 – Nov 26 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday and the JOOLA North American Teams Nov 26-28 in Baltimore, MD.  If you are in the area, don’t miss it.  The biggest table tennis tournament in the world!  For more information, visit Favorite

An update From Willy Xiao

As a debater, it’s easy to constantly do research and prepare for the next tournament because you can have your laptop with you at all times, even when you’re in a car or watching television. Unfortunately for table tennis, players generally cannot carry around a ping pong paddle, a ball, a table, the right clothes,… Read more »

Get Ready For Great Deals Next Week at the Baltimore Teams Championships

Check out the great deals below that will be available to you at the Teams Championships in Baltimore next week! Be ready to take advantage of these deals when you arrive – they won’t last! JOOLA Towels – Only $12.00 Training Balls – 144 Gross – $40.0048 Pack – $15.00 All Shoes – 20% off 1-2-3… Read more »

An Update from David Gong

I have been training hard for the past few months to prepare for US Nationals in December. I had a good tournamant recently at Atlanta Fall Open with the second place finish and over 300 rating increase. I am focusing now on improving my forhand and rally. At school, I have one of the strictest… Read more »

Everything You Know Is Pong Photos

JOOLA was proud to be a sponsor for the Everything You Know Is Pong book release and Tournament of Champions.  Congratulations to Judah Friedlander for winning the event over his fierce competitor, Will Shortz. Here are some photos from the event! {gallery}everythingyouknowispong{/gallery} Favorite

The Importance of Perfecting a Serve

By Han Xiao As amateur table tennis players, we often look at someones serve, see it working great, and think, Wouldnt it be great if I could learn his serve? Ive done the same thing many times. When I was younger I remember watching Waldner, Gatien, Rosskopf, Ma Wenge, all sorts of great players, and… Read more »

Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Clutch Performance

By Carl Danner The San Francisco Giants just won the World Series of Major League Baseball.  They did so despite being one of the weaker teams entering the eight-team playoff.  However, their players performed wonderfully during the critical games, playing fully to their potential. Table tennis competitors might consider the following quotes from some of… Read more »