2008 Life Open Results

Click here to read the ongoing results of the 2008 Life Open held in Atlanta, GA!

Keinath, Thomas


Women’s RR
Lu, Ying
Reed, Jasna

Ying/Lo Junior Competitions U-22
Bergman, Tobias
Friend, Chance

Ying/Lo Junior Competitions U-18
Luo, Eldon
Gonazalas, Barnabas

Ying/Lo Junior Competitions Under 16
Scott, Pierce L.
Sysomboun, Edmond

Ying/Lo Junior Competitions U13
Luo, Eldon
Scott, Pierce L.

Ying/Lo Junior Competitions U10
Vu, Khoa
Lim, Joshua

Feingold Memorial Over50 RR
McQueen, Jim
May, Pete

Feingold Memorial Over60 RR
McQueen, Jim
Stogner, J. Duke

Under2500 SE
Friend, Chance
Bergman, Tobias

Under2375 RR
Webb, Nigel M.
Yu, Thomas Pok-Yin

Under2250 RR
Beebe, T. J.
Levene, Michael J.

Under2125 RR
Stirbu, Petrica (Petro)
McQueen, Jim

Under2000 RR
Patil, Sachin
Ip, Spencer

Under1850 RR
Combs, Robert
Qiu, Huan

Under1700 RR
Luo, Eldon
Scott, Pierce L.

Under1550 RR
Bennett, Herb
Zou, Ying

Under1400 RR
Sutton, Bill
Friend, Spencer

Under1250 RR
Klein, Jerry
Suaza, Claudia

Under1100 RR
Zou, Andrew
Friend, MacKenzie

Under950 RR
Friend, Cheryl
White, Milton (Luke)

Under800/Unrated RR
White, Milton (Luke)
Friend, MacKenzie

Under4200 Doubles SE
De Souza, Kwaovi Didi & Dyl, Andrew
Puzrev, Yevgeniy & Lam, Jude K.

Under3200 Doubles SE
Friend, Chance & Friend, Cheryl
Kimmel, Michael B. & Kimmel, Steven

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