Blog Update: Vikash Sahu

Vikash SahuIts sometimes hard for me to find as much time to practice as I want to because of school and other commitments. When I dont have the time to make a trip to the training center, I try to instead watch top level players compete online, especially in the European and Chinese League systems. Ive also gotten in the habit of studying players of the old generation; Appelgren, Lindh, Rosskopf, Gatien, and Primorac. Although the games were so much different back then for obvious reasons (21-point games, 38mm ball, etc), these players have taught me to focus on what I am good at, and use whatever techniques/tactics these may be as much as I can. Rosskopfs devastating power backhand, Gatiens extremely quick footwork and forehand, Appelgrens play far away from the table and Primoracs smart services are all examples. Its important to utilize what you are good at as you train and prepare for matches. Good luck!

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