Vikash tries out a new blade

Hi Team JOOLA Readers,
I have been training hard the past couple of weeks with a lot of emphasis on topspin drills and physical conditioning. I also switched back to an all-wood blade, the Torre, from the previous carbon blade I was using, the Fever. The classic Swedish construction and the feeling of the all-wood ply construction is awesome in conjunction with Phenix rubber for my European topspin game. With the Torre I have more control and confidence in my shots, and I am working on doing random topspin drills following a serve/opening to simulate match play as much as possible.
On a side note, I have been following the Rolex-Masters Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament. It’s really fun inspiring to watch players like Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray who work very hard and have fun at the same time, something I hope to learn to carry over into table tennis.

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