Equipment and Style Guide

Equipment and Style Guide

*Note: This guide is by no means an absolute in regards to what you should or should not use. Each table tennis player is unique, and so each selection and combination of equipment must be unique, and chosen based on preference and playing style. Similar rubbers or blades can be substituted in place of other blades and rubbers from this guide. However, we are confident that JOOLA equipment combinations will suit all of your needs during matches and practices.

Close-table Attacker

Fever, Express One, Express One

This player has an emphasis on short spinny serves and tries to finish the ball quickly. Attacking shots are made within one to two feet of the table with short, efficient strokes. The player likes to make fast-paced shots and be able to dictate the point even when not on the offensive. For these purposes, a carbon blade is highly recommended. The Fever blade features meliorate carbon, which has a large sweetspot, and a balanced, light head. Express One has a durable topsheet with a hard sponge, allowing for easy power shots and quick, driving loops.

Mid-distance Looper

Linus, Express Two, Express Two

A mid-distance looper generally stars several feet away from the table. Quick foot speed is essential, and the player generally tires to set up topspin looping or counterlooping rallies. The Linus blade has seven plies, and the two carbon plies provide the necessary extra kick without excessive speed. Express Two has the same topsheet as Express One, with a softer sponge, great for topspin rallying, counterlooping, and such.

Short-pips Attacker

Bomb Fast MCD, Mambo-H, Snabb

The Bomb Fast features MCD technology, which is a center ply of horizontal carbon with multiple intersecting vertical layers of carbon. This technology allows for an up-pace tempo of shots. The Snabb short pips feature a hard sponge, great for an extremely offensive backhand, and slightly wider than traditional pips. Mambo-H has a grippy topsheet with a soft sponge, great for an arcing topspin loop to set up a backhand finish shot.

Long-pips Chopper

Chen Weixing, Drum CWX, Octopus

The Chen Weixing blade has a medium speed and an oversized racket head for great ball placement and chops. Drum CWX has a Chinese-style tacky surface, but the sponge is springier than conventional Chinese rubbers. Due to its tacky, yet springy nature, chops can also be executed with this inverted rubber. Octopus long pips have a very hard sponge, which in addition to chopping can be used to effectively pinch-hit, block, and chop heavy topspin balls.

All-around Player

Viva, Mambo-C, Mambo-H

This player tries to do it all! An emphasis is placed on consistent, spinny shots without an excess of power or speed. The Viva blade features 7 all wood plies for a fast, but not extreme speed. Few people know that the Viva is in fact the remake of the former legendary Rosskopf Viva blade, then called the J. Rosskopf. Mambo-C is a harder rubber, good for topspin rallies and driving loops. Mambo-H has a softer sponge and a grippy topsheet, better for an underspin game and ball placement. The two can be used interchangeably based on the users preferences.

Chinese-penhold Player

Wing Fast CHP, Drum, Energy

The newly integrated Wing Shaft Technology has a grooved sanded feel with wing-shaped inserts on either side of the handle. This technology benefits penhold style players who often feel bothered by the sharp feel of a new blade. Drum is suitable for the Chinese power-looping, close-to-the-table style of play. The TENSOR rubber Energy provides a glue-effect rubber that has a soft sponge for a more controlled backhand.

Japanese-penhold Player

Genesis, Express Two

Without a doubt, the most popular blade for Japanese-penhold style players is the one-ply hinoki wood. The Genesis continues this tradition, with a single ply of 10 mm hinoki for spectacular power and speed, and yet the soft nature of the hinoki wood still allows good ball feeling and touch shots. Express Two is similar to Express One, with an identical topsheet with a softer sponge. This allows a ‘sink-in’ feeling for added ease of placement with a longer dwell time with the ball. Try this combination for yourself, and without a doubt you’ll love the power play that this combination provides.

Long-pips Blocker

MC1, Energy X-tra, Octopus

Blockers who use long pips rubber to confuse their opponents need an offensive combination for attacking. Blockers often use their defensive shots strategically-to impose unforced errors on their opponents while setting up attack shots. For these purposes, the MC-1/Energy X-tra combination is excellent. The MC-1, with Multiple Compound System technology, creates a blade of extreme speed without the use of carbon-only wood for great ball feeling. Energy X-tra has a built-in glue effect for fast attacking play, with an extremely soft sponge of 37.5 degress creates a longer dwell time, so that even the offensive side of the combination can be used for defensive play. Octopus is a rubber with no boundaries-just ask Chen Weixing! In addition to chopping and blocking with devastating effects, Octopus can be effectively used to pinch hit and punch attackable balls.

Anti-spin Blocker

Toni Hold White Spot, Mambo GP, Amy Classic

The Toni Hold White Spot blade has been manufactured the same way since the birth of JOOLA-a sure sign that it is classic. Multiple plies of soft Cottonwood gives great feeling, with a very slow, controllable blade. If a player wants to be able to attack with this blade, then they will also need a fast rubber, preferably with a built in speed-glue effect, such as Mambo GP. Mambo GP is manufactured under extreme tension-in fact, so much that the rubber cannot be properly packaged in a flat plastic case, but must be rolled up and inserted into a plastic tube. Amy Classic was created in development with German Junior Champion Amelie Solja, who blocks defensively with Anti-Spin rubber to completely perplex her opponents. It’s a bit hard to control on a fast blade, but is perfect in conjunction with a slow, controllable blade such as the Toni Hold.

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