Get that Backhand Shot on the Table!

By Tom Nguyen

My preferred backhand technique is the block. There’s just something very satisfying about blocking every loop or smash that someone throws at you until you win the point. However, I recently came to realize that my love for blocking is due to my inconsistent backhand loop and backhand smash. I can only block for so long until I have this urge to rip a backhand, which usually results in me hitting a homerun off the table. Disappointed, I just go back to blocking on the backhand.

Luckily, I was able get some advice from our resident pro, Steven Chan, to help me land that backhand. He analyzed my shot and realized that I didn’t have the proper racket angle as I was going through the stroke, so his tip for me was a simple one:

Press the tip of your thumb down and forward into the racket, right before you are about to make contact with the ball. This will help make sure that the racket angle is correct whenever you are performing your stroke. Just remember to do it only right before the contact of the ball, because keeping your wrist relaxed in the beginning of the shot is still very important.

Time to practice! Who knows, maybe my new favorite shot will be the backhand loop. Let us know how this tip works out for you!

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