JOOLA NA Tour – Second Stop: 2012 Eastern Open

JOOLA Eastern Open

Open Finalist, Jishan Liang and Champion, Damien Provost

We had a successful second stop on the JOOLA NA Tour this past weekend in Piscataway, NJ!
The weekend was full of exciting matches and some top players.  Check out our recap video and complete results from the tournament below!

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score
1 Open Provost, Damien FN Liang, Jishan NJ 6,5,-8,5,8
3 Under22 Men’s Lurty, Scott NY Bockoven, Connor MA 9,9,-9,10
5 Under18 Boy’s Wu, Boson NY Bao, Larry NJ 10,-12,8,7
7 U16 Boys Chan, Calvin Tinhang PA Woo, Phillip NY 7,8,8
13 Over40 DeWitt, Richard A. CT Bavly, Larry MA 5,8,5
15 Over60 Lehman, Christopher B. NJ Clarke, Michael MD 12,5,-6,7
16 Under2500 Nadmichettu, Raghu R. MD Kurimay, Dora CA -8,10,-6,8,11
17 Under2375 Fan, Wesley NJ Lurty, Scott NY 10,8,-4,8
18 Under2250 Fan, Wesley NJ Hsin, Jeffrey MD 4,8,-7,-9,7
19 Under2125 Lehman, Christopher B. NJ Eisner, Brian S. NJ -7,10,-4,8,6
20 Under2000 Bauer, John NY Cheung, Kevin MA -10,5,-9,10,7
21 Under1850 Moon, Daniel PA Ikeda, Noriyasu NY 15,6,-8,3
22 Under1700 Chu, Stephen NJ Cheung, Gary K. NY 10,5,6
29 Open Doubles SE Yin, Peng & Wu, Yue NJ Liang, Jishan & Zeng, Xun NJ/MD 8,8,-8,8
30 U3600 Doubles SE Wtorkowski, Radek & Bauer, John NY Liu, Kai & Tao, Xin NJ 8,10,10

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Event # Event Name First State Record Second State Record
2 Women’s Liu, Juan FN 2-0 Wu, Yue NJ 1-1
6 Under18 Girl’s Wang, Ke NJ 4-0 Shi, Annie NJ 3-1
8 U16 Girls Shi, Annie NJ 3-0 Hu, Xiyue NJ 2-1
9 Under13 Boy’s Nie, Derek MD 5-0 Wang, Ray NJ 4-1
14 Over50 Hussain, Asif NJ 4-1 Zhang, Rick NJ 4-1
23 Under1550 Vasconcellos, Jose NJ 2-0 Hiratsuka, Jon VA 1-1
24 Under1400 Vasconcellos, Jose NJ 2-0 Lu, Matthew NJ 1-1
25 Under1250 Yu, Normen PA 4-0 Lasnik, Howard MA 3-1
26 Under1100 Lu, Matthew NJ 2-0 Cheng, Poley NJ 1-1
28 Under800/Unrated Sun, Zhongwei NY 2-0 Schiff, Martin NY 1-1
32 U2375 Consolation Nguyen, Tam VA 2-0 Liu, Leslie NJ 1-1

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