Zhang Xiang Jing Wins The 2014 Berkeley Open

Liang Yonghui (Left), Zhang Xiang Jing (Right)

Liang Yonghui (Left), Zhang Xiang Jing (Right)

Earlier in the  year, Zhang Xiang Jing and Liang Yonghui squared off in the finals of the 2014 Western Open; resulting in Zhang winning 4-2 over Liang. In the finals of the 2014 Berkeley Open, it was deja vu all over again as Zhang Xiang Jing defeated Liang Yonghui, 4-2 (-6,6,13,10,-10,10), to become the Open Singles champion.

Zhang Xiang Jing, 2014 Berkeley Open Champion

Zhang Xiang Jing competing at the 2014 Berkeley Open.

Thank you for everyone who attended and participated at the 2014 Berkeley Open, powered by JOOLA! Below is a list of results of all the events.

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score
1 Open Zhang, Xiang Jing CA Liang, Yonghui CA -6,6,13,10,-10,10
2 Women’s Wang, Yixiao CA Wang, Ying CA 6,5,7
3 Under22 Men’s Mei, Yanpeng CA Hu, Mingzhe CA -4,-5,8,9,10
5 Under18 Boy’s Chu, Anthony CA Cheng, Joshua CA 5,3,4
7 Under13 Boy’s Liu, Victor CA Fong, Shawn CA 4,5,4
9 Under10 Boy’s Liu, Ethan CA Wu, Ryan CA 7,-9,9,6
10 Under10 Girl’s Tan, Emily CA Nguyen, Stacy CA -8,8,5,8
11 Over40 Nguyen, Khoa Dinh CA Jin, Ke CA 9,9,3
12 Over50 Jin, Ke CA Therriault, James CA -7,9,-12,9,12
13 Over60 Jin, Ke CA Chen, Wei CA 5,2,3
14 Under2500 Liu, Victor CA Tu, Truong Manh CA 4,4,7
15 Under2375 Nguyen, Justin CA Cui, Jie WA -6,7,7,-11,1
16 Under2250 Jin, Ke CA Takemura, Hiromasa CA -8,9,-9,7,6
17 Under2125 Darukhanawalla, Malcolm CA Wong, Jordan CA 9,-10,9,6
18 Under2000 Rogers, Greg CA Singhal, Saarthak CA 8,7,-9,9
19 Under1850 Sharma, Kavash CA Rogers, Greg CA 9,-8,5,-9,9
20 Under1550 Fong, Scott CA Jha, Ashish CA 11,5,5
21 Under1400 Zarehbin, Kai CA Xu, Kevin CA 8,-10,-5,7,3
22 Under1250 Chen, Tina CA Utpat, Sharv CA -7,6,-8,9,3
23 Under1100 Tung, Faith CA Bajpai, Aarushi CA 6,9,9
24 Under950 Bajpai, Aarushi CA Sankuratri, Ashwin CA 4,6,4
25 Under800/Unrated McElvain, Brian CA Tung, Faith CA 3,4,-6,7
26 Open Doubles SE Jha, Prachi & Jha, Kanak CA Tran, Theodore & Chua, Ethan CA 2,-5,9,-9,6
27 U3600 Doubles SE Liu, Victor & Saito, Ayane CA Lee, Nathan & Xie, Tian CA 8,-12,11,-5,9

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Event # Event Name First State Record Second State Record
4 Under22 Women’s Wang, Ying CA 2-0 Yu, Xiaoxue CA 1-1
6 Under18 Girl’s Huo, Luvena CA 2-0 Mo, Emily CA 1-1
8 Under13 Girl’s Chen, Tina CA 2-0 Fu, Ava CA 1-1


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